Take Me Home

Velvet Madore is just the ordinary eighteen year old girl. She has known Liam Payne since she was eleven, being in secondary school with him. When he becomes famous, she still keeps in touch. She meets all of the boys,clicking with one of them instantly, it's love at first sight. But something goes terribly wrong...


2. Meet and Greet

I slipped out of the car and onto the solid gritty pavement beneath my feet. I was wearing gladiator sandals; my feet were getting a bit chilly though. I gazed up at the tall doors leading into the studio. The fans were swarming but the body guards were so good at their job it wasn’t a problem. I walked towards the doors and they pushed me back. “Where do you think you’re going missy?” the tall bald man said, with a sarcastic tone. “I’m Liam’s friend, I’m here to see him” I said my eyes twinkling. “Yeah I’ve heard it all before, go to the barrier and leave me alone”. I stared at the man and got out my phone. Going through my photos I picked out an album named ‘Christmas 2011’. Shoving the phone in his face I said “There you go, me and Liam at Christmas, in my house, need more proof?” “Sorry miss, follow me, I’ll take you to him and the rest of the boys”  “Thanks” I said to him as we pushed through the fans. As we stepped into the studio, I was amazed by everything that surrounded me; there were so many records, made by so many famous artists hung up on the wall. “Wow” I said as I entered the doorway to the room where the boys were. Before I walked into the room, I took a deep breath, and fixed my hair and makeup, and promised myself not to screw this up, it was my first time meeting the other boys, whereas Liam’s seen me plenty of times before, he probably doesn’t even care how I look, we are best friends after all. “Right, in I go, here goes nothing” I whispered to myself. I thought I would be polite, so instead of just barging in on them, I knocked on the door. After the last knock, all of their heads shot in my direction, I opened the door slowly and I got greeted by Liam first, running and jumping into my arms, shouting my name. “VELVET, it’s so good to finally see you after so many years, I’ve missed you my little cupcake” Liam said to me squeezing me so tight, I think I was starting to lose the blood circulation in my body. As I sat down me and the rest of the boys introduced ourselves, as Liam made us some drinks. We were all talking and having such a good time, I didn’t want it to end. “Is that the time?!” I yelled as I unlocked my white IPhone 5, it was nearly midnight, and my house was on the other side of London. I had 10 missed calls from my mum, shit, she was probably getting worried, because I hadn’t contacted her throughout the whole day. I know I’m 18, and can do whatever I want but, parents are parents, they worry. As I got up to leave, harry came up behind me, and whispered in my ear “Let me give you a lift home, I’m heading in that direction anyway.” As he said that, I had chills go through my spine. “o-o-ok” I said back stuttering, as I deeply looked into his beautiful eyes. I questioned myself, is this love at first sight?


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