Take Me Home

Velvet Madore is just the ordinary eighteen year old girl. She has known Liam Payne since she was eleven, being in secondary school with him. When he becomes famous, she still keeps in touch. She meets all of the boys,clicking with one of them instantly, it's love at first sight. But something goes terribly wrong...


1. Bad Grammar


I heard my phone vibrate from my bedside table, I wonder who this text could be from? I sauntered over in my towel, I had just had a bath, and I had wrapped my    hair in a towel. I picked up my iPhone, and quickly unlocked it. It was a text from Liam;   From; Liammmmmm xx; "Hi Velv, itz Liam, soz I havnt txted in a wile, Iv been busy @ da studio, Iv been teln the boyz all abt ya, nd they wanna c ya, rl soon :D mby    cm dwn 2 da studio, @ 1.00, itz r lnch brk then, ya! :)xxx"   I was in hysterics reading that, it took me ten minutes to work out what he'd actualy said. For a smart boy, his grammar was pretty shit.    To; Liammmmmm xx; "Beautiful Grammar babe! That's definitely not What Makes You Beautiful! ;) sure, sounds like a good plan, can't wait! ;D xxx"   I plopped my phone on the bed and walked over to my wardrobe. I opened it as wide as it could go, scanning through all of my clothes. I wanted to make a good    impression on the boys, as it was my first time meeting them. My eyes were instantly drawn to my light peach flower print playsuit, the flowers were Sapphire blue,    the same colour as my eyes, they complimented them well. I had finsihed putting on my outfit and started doing my make-up. I didn't usually where any but a bit of    mascara and smoky eyeshadow couldn't hurt; I wanted to look my best. I was just about to dry my hair when another text came through.   From: Liammmmmm xx: "Yeah grammmar wasn't my strong point ;) <-- is that better?! ;) okay babes, see you in an hour xxx"   A smile appeared on my face, wasn't he just the cuteset?   To; Liammmmmm xx; "Yes, that's much better, good boy ;) okay see you soon then ;D xxx"   I dryed my hair and did it in a messy bun, I didn't want to look like I had made too much effort. Which I definitely had done. I checked the time and I had to go. Grabbing my keys of the kitchen counter I ran to my Audi TT. "Right, Velvet, don't mess this up, these boys are pretty damn fit; and quite frankly, I might have a chance. Please don't fuck this up and make yourself look like a twat". She put the key in the ignition and cruised down the road.
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