love and darkness

an angel fell in love with a vampire and the vampire fell in love with a human. who will survive when you promise someoe that nothing will come between them you have to keep that prmise and protect them and care for them for all of eternity


2. the other vampire

when lucinda awoke the next morning in a clearing enclosed by trees, the sun shone brightly in the sky and there was not a cloud to be seen, but lucinda couldn't stop thinking about James and hanna and the revenge that she could come up with.

Luinda got up and strolled around to get her legs working again. when she noticed a shadow lurking in the trees it happened so fast that the shadow didn't have time to move as lucindas wings burst out from her back and flew her over to the shadow whom she had pinned up against the tree only to see that it was a man...

"What do you want and you have to tell the truth because I can snap your neck in seconds." she said through gritted teeth.

"I'm sure you could but i see no reason to lie to you I only came to welcome you."

"welcome me to what you have no buisness here."

"oh but on the contrary I do , I have come to welome you to hell and to assist you in your revenge on James and his human mate."

"how do you know James."

"that is not relavent but surley you have recognised what I am for my skin is cold and my heart is as black as yours."

"Vampire." whispered Lucinda more to herself than to the man whom was still pinned up against the tree.

"Yep and proud of now what sort of revenge did you have in mind my names drew by the way." he said with an evil smile.

"And mines lucinda."

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