love and darkness

an angel fell in love with a vampire and the vampire fell in love with a human. who will survive when you promise someoe that nothing will come between them you have to keep that prmise and protect them and care for them for all of eternity


1. lucinda a fallen angel

when an angel fell the sky turned black. She fell hoping that her love would be there waiting so they could be together, when she hit the ground she lay there for what seemed like an age hoping that her love would find her, as she lay there on the cold hard ground she realised that an angel and a vampire would never and could never be together and live a happy life filled with love and joy.

James was a vampire even if he could still feel happy emotions such as love, hope and happines he was created to be dark and evil and no one could change that, but he wasnt he was sweet ,careing and gentle the reason that lucinda had fallen in love with him and given up heaven to be with him. 

As lucinda lifted herself of the ground she felt her wings burst out from behind her, her wings knew where to take her even if her brain didnt know yet. She flew through clouds and over houses until she found herself land in the woods in front of a house she looked at the house and her heart knew that james was in there. 

as she looked at the house something caught her eye she saw that the front bedrooms light was still on, as she looked closer she saw him, James was there sitting on the window ledge he was so handsome with his dark hair and brown eyes he still looked human apart from his skin which was as white as a sheet.

not a moment later a young girl came to sit by him she had chocolate coloured hair that fell to her waste, as James and this girl sat on the ledge together they looked deep into each others eyes. lucinda's heart burned with anger something that she had never felt before as when she was in heaven they thought happy , peacefull thoughts but she wasnt in heaven anymore, she stood there for 5 more minuets and swore that she would get revenge on the girl who stole the love of her life.

As lucinda took off something was happening and then she realised an angel should never swear avengance for an angel is the symbol of hope and happiness.

Lucindas wings were no longer pearly white and shone like the stars they were now coal black. Her soft pink lips were blood red ,her lucious blond hair was as black as the night and her glittery sea green eyes were brown and bright with fury. the change was quick and as lucinda flew she caught sight of her reflection in the lake, the shock was extordinary she no longer looked like an angel from heaven but dark and evil, but she thought that she looked beutifull there was no warm glow about her now but a dark feeling that hung around her. Lucinda remembered the lessons she had taken not so long ago ,her teacher had said

"when a angel thinks dark things they are no longer from heaven but have been excepted into hell to be the devils angels they are beutiful oh yes, for they still possess angels charm but they do not think like you and I."

"well" thought lucinda "I'm a devils angel " but this did not worry her because she knew that the new life she now had would help her to get revenge on hanna clarke the girl who stole her love.

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