💙My Dream Crush💜 (not famous)

When Katie and her parents move into their own house, Katie met some new friends around and she has a boy best friend who is her closest friend of all she has a huge secret crush on him but she's afraid to say it and then there's a girl named Vanessa who has a huge crush on Harry who is Katie's best friend and Vanessa hates Katie coz she knows that Katie has a huge crush on Harry ... Let's see what happens..



The next day

Katie woke up early. She brushed her teeth and eat some breakfast and took a quick shower. Then their was a knock on the door. Katie said " I'll get it! Who is it?" Harry said " it's Harry!" Katie said " oh just a second." Katie opened the door. Katie said " oh hey what are u doing here? Harry said " I'm just visiting u with my skateboard." Katie said " oh c'mon in " Harry said " thank you." Harry went in. Harry said " wow! It's like I'm living a dream! How many cat posters do u guys have!" Katie said " I don't know millions." Harry bursted out" MILLIONS!" Katie said " yeah why is it hard to believe?" Harry said " well first you guys have more posters than I do and that everywhere I turn I saw cat posters." Katie said " that's because Trisha is obsessed with them. You should see her room it's like ur living a cats castle." Harry said" oh gosh! That'd be so awesome." Trisha went out to the living room bringing her stuff cats." Harry said " oh hello there." Trisha said" hi". Katie said " trish this is Harry." Trisha said " hello." Harry said " hello you love cats?" Trisha said " DO I?!!" Harry said " what you got there?" Trisha said " there's are my four stuff cats this is Molly this other one is jack this other one is Alice and this last one which is the little one is Chase." harry said" nice names I got a real cat named Dusty." Trisha said " really? Can I see her?" Harry said " sure." Katie said " sure Trisha but go take a shower first and get cleaned up." Trisha said " Yes Katie." Katie smiled. Trisha went and took a shower. Harry said " so you wanna go to the park?" Katie said " gee sure if that Vanessa girl is not there." Harry said" I don't know but you don't have to be afraid of her. She's not powerful." Katie said " I know that and I'm not afraid of her." Harry said " and why are u so scared of her?" Katie said " I'm not scared of her. I just don't wanna see her face and hear those words of her." Harry said" well there's nothing to be afraid of." Katie said " who is she anyway?" Harry said " she's Vanessa Sparkle the most popular girl in Waterpark Delight High School." Katie said " oh." Harry said " yeah she thinks she's the queen in school and the queen here." Katie said " gee". Harry said " I thought your sister was so obsessed of cats and why does she only have 4 stuff cats?" Katie said " that's because theres more in her room." Harry said " what?!!" Katie said" c'mon let's go see." Harry and Katie went to Trisha's room. They opened up the door. Harry was so surprised. He froze. Katie said" here see everything!" Harry said " this is UNBELIEVABLE! Her room is surrounded by cat posters and stuff cats all around. Why would she just be a cat?" Katie laughed.
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