๐Ÿ’™My Dream Crush๐Ÿ’œ (not famous)

When Katie and her parents move into their own house, Katie met some new friends around and she has a boy best friend who is her closest friend of all she has a huge secret crush on him but she's afraid to say it and then there's a girl named Vanessa who has a huge crush on Harry who is Katie's best friend and Vanessa hates Katie coz she knows that Katie has a huge crush on Harry ... Let's see what happens..


2. ๐Ÿ’™My Dream Crush๐Ÿ’œ chapter 2โƒฃ

Katie, Harry and Jeremy went into the park. There were lots of kids their age playing. Harry said to a girl " hey Caitlyn this is our new neighbor Katie." Caitlyn said" oh hey I'm Caitlyn but they call me cat." Katie said " I'm Katie they call me Katie." Caitlyn smiled. She said " ur funny." Katie said " so this is the park?" Harry said " yeah you wanna play?" Katie said " sure." Harry Katie Jeremy and Caitlyn played tag. Katie accidentally stepped on a puddle. Then a girl's dress got mud on it when Katie stepped on the mud. The girl screamed while looking at her dress "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Katie said worriedly " I am so sorry. I'm sorry." the girl exclaimed " LOOK WHAT YOU DID! YOU MESS!" Katie said " I am so sorry." the girl exclaimed again " YOU BETTER BE!" Harry Caitlyn and Jeremy went up to Katie. Harry asked " what happened?" Katie said worriedly" I don't know I accidentally stepped on a muddy puddle and i got mud on her dress. I feel so bad." the girl exclaimed again " SHE BETTER FEEL SO BAD FOR MESSING UP MY DRESS!" Harry said " Vanessa it's ok she didn't mean to do it." Vanessa said " SO U KNOW THIS MESS!" Harry said " look stop calling her that!". People were watching the arguing. Katie teared up. She ran quickly. Harry called out " Katie wait!" Harry followed Katie. Katie sat down under a tree. She cried and cried there. Harry said " are you ok?" Katie said " what is it look like curly?" Harry said " I just want you to feel better." Katie said " I didn't know that there were mean kids here too." Harry said " that was Vanessa she's the meanest girl in here. Even in school." Katie said " I didn't mean to do it." Harry said " i know u didn't and I believe you." Katie said " gee thanks." Harry wiped out Katie's tears. Harry said " stop crying its alright me Jeremy and Caitlyn are here for you. I know this is not a good first day but trust me everything gets better." Katie said " I wish." Harry said " now do u wanna visit my house? Watch some movies or something to make you feel better." Katie said smiling " sure."
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