๐Ÿ’™My Dream Crush๐Ÿ’œ (not famous)

When Katie and her parents move into their own house, Katie met some new friends around and she has a boy best friend who is her closest friend of all she has a huge secret crush on him but she's afraid to say it and then there's a girl named Vanessa who has a huge crush on Harry who is Katie's best friend and Vanessa hates Katie coz she knows that Katie has a huge crush on Harry ... Let's see what happens..


1. ๐Ÿ’—My dream crush Chapter 1โƒฃ๐Ÿ’™

Katie and her family were moving out of their apartment andover into their new own house. Katie packed her stuff up. She put her clothes in the luggage and all her items. Then her parents and her little Trisha packed their stuffs up too. Then they got into their car. Then they drove off. In a while, they got into their house. Katie said " wow! This is a huge, big and gorgeous house." There was a swimming pool and a playground and garden full of flowers and is full of privacy. It was like a big apartment but they own it that's the difference. It's like bel air. There was a big gate and security guards and there were few other house inside. Katie said " this is awesome!" they went inside the house. They put their luggage down and Katie's parents arranged the stuffs. Katie said " mom can I go out and roam around?" Katie's mom said " sure sweetie." Katie went outside. The wind is blowing beautifully. Katie was looking around and it was pretty quiet. Katie sat down on the bench. Then she saw 2 boys skateboarding. Katie smiled at the boys. Katie said " hi (waving her hand). The boys stopped in the bench. The one boy said " hi you're new here?" Katie said " yeah we just moved in today." the one boy said " that's cool." Katie said " I'm Katie by the way." the boy said " I'm Harry and this is my best friend Jeremy." Katie said" oh nice
to meet you guys so you guys are skateboarding?" Harry said " yeah we are." Katie said " you guys lives here too?" Jeremy said " sure we do there are a lot of kids in our age. There are a lot of kids here. Katie said " But why is it quiet?" Jeremy said " coz they're on the park." Katie said " there's a park?" Harry said " yeah there are a lot of cool things here." Jeremy asked " hey do u wanna go to the park with us?" Katie said " sure I'd love to." Harry said " you'll meet more people there."
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