๐Ÿ’™My Dream Crush๐Ÿ’œ (not famous)

When Katie and her parents move into their own house, Katie met some new friends around and she has a boy best friend who is her closest friend of all she has a huge secret crush on him but she's afraid to say it and then there's a girl named Vanessa who has a huge crush on Harry who is Katie's best friend and Vanessa hates Katie coz she knows that Katie has a huge crush on Harry ... Let's see what happens..


10. A couple๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™

The next day,

Katie haven't talked to any of her friends. She stayed in her room forever. Kylie said " honey what's the matter?" Katie said " nothing mom just don't care about it." Katie went downstairs in the living room. There was a knock on the door. Katie is not on a mood to open it. Kylie opened it. It was Harry. Harry said " hey Kylie um is Katie there?" Kylie said " yes Harry c'mon in!" Harry came in. Kylie said " I'll leave you two teens there." Harry said " hey Katie how are you doing?" Katie said " what is it look like?" Harry said " I'm just trying to make you feel better." Katie said " well that doesn't help at all." Harry said " I know love." Katie said " look I know what ur doing here.. You're gonna ask me if it's true or not right?" Harry said " well maybe part of it." Katie said " look I'm so sorry I only told Cat about that but then probably she spread the word everywhere and now I feel bad for myself." Harry said " I just don't know Cat is not like that she's even really secretive and mysterious and she hates Vanessa. Why would she tell her that?" Katie said " I don't know ask her." Harry said " look Katie theres nothing bad about what you feel it's normal every people fall in love." Katie said " well maybe but this is a secret for me." Harry touched Katie's hair. Katie looked at Harry. Harry said " I LOVE YOU KATIE." Katie was so surprised. Then before she can even say anything Harry kissed her. She kissed back. Harry said " Katie I want you to be my girlfriend would you?" Katie said " would I?" Harry said " I'll take that as a yes." Katie smiled. Harry hugged Katie. Kylie appeared. Kylie said " oh Evan c'mon here!" Evan appeared. Evan said " what is it ?" Kylie said " I think someone is already a couple." Katie smiled. Evan said " ooooooo.. And as a matter of fact I would totally say YES!" Kylie said " me too."
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