Love hurts at some point

One Direction changed my life forever! Read to find out more!


2. Where Am I?

I woke up, blind! I could hear but I couldnt se... I was cut of by own own thoughts. 'I'm in a coma, but I can hear. I can hear an Irish accent not just a normal one, one I know very well!' I thought in my coma. It was Niall Horan without a doubt! I screamed inside my head so loudly I twitched my arm a little. Niall called a nurse and she said "she is conscious of what is going in around her so keep your voice down a little." "ok!" was Niall's loud reply. My eyes twitched a bit, then a bit more. 'Im waking up!' I thought happily. Niall called the nurse again and she messed around with my heart monitor and I awoke (slightly startled!) "Hey there," he said relived "everyone was so worried about you! When I say everyone I don't mean your mum, dad and Topaz, they died I'm sorry!" I started bawling as I was only 10!

Niall's POV

I couldn't believe it when the nurse told me she was only 10! She looks 14 or something! I've only known her 2 days (one day in a coma) and I already think her as my little sister! I can't wait to see the look on her face when she meets the boys! "The doctor says you can go home today as you only suffered a slightly cracked shin, you'll need crutches for 2 weeks." "ok that's good, that came out wrong! It's not good but it is coz I could have had worse injuries." I said slightly embarrassed. " god! Don't talk so fast Katie!" Niall shouted. It must have been really loud because the nurse heard and shushed him. "Oh, Miss Katie Felicity! Your awake!" she said, she was another of my 3 nurses. "Yes thank you!" I replied cheerfully.

2 hours later

Katie's POV

"Where am I staying?" I asked Niall on the way to an unknown place.
"With me and the boys because all of your family is dead. Not just your mum, dad and sister, the rest of your family are dead arent they?" "yes." I said sadly. We pulled up to a massive white, three story house! "where are we?" I enquired confused. "your new home, you live here now!" he said.
I hugged him tightly and said "thank you!"

Niall's POV

Her reaction was so cute. I'm sooo hungry, I am starving right now!
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