Love hurts at some point

One Direction changed my life forever! Read to find out more!


1. The crash

Katie's POV

I was chatting with my mom and dad in the car on the way home from the supermarket. We approached the normal traffic lights at the normal place on the hill. The light changed to its luminous green colour and we started to move once again. But suddenly, as we were in teasdale of the road, a car approached us at full speed, at least 100 miles per hour!
"Help!" we all screamed, scared out of our skins. The black car hit us and our car rolled down the hill and into a dirty brown canal...

Nialls POV

"Help" they screamed.
The next thing I saw was the car rolling into the canal at the bottom of the hill! I sped down the hill in my small red Prius to help them. The car was over turned, on it's side. I looked inside the car and there was the most beautiful girl in the world. Her delicate arms and legs were mis-placed and her amazing shiny brown hair was...was...was amazing! 'she's beautiful... Anyway I need to call 999!' I thought
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