Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


17. You Stay Away From Him

Bella's POV

It was 10:45am. SHIT. I checked my phone and I had alot of new messages. Most of them from people at school who at managed to get my number but then I saw from fran "When are you coming back? and if your not when can I visit?" I decided to ring fran later once I had seen the collage for sure that I was going to go there.

I quickly got up and realised that I should wake Niall since it takes him ages to Get ready and H e wiull probaly want Breakfast since he was ALWAYS Hungry. "Hi babe its quater to eleven,you need to get up" he quickly opened his eyes and then I headed the room to get out.

Niall POV

I was in a nice dream when she woke me up - I'm not complaining the dream continued. I got dressed quickly and did my hair. I was just frying some Bacon when she Came out wearing a pair of blue chinos and wearing a butterfly top. She looked stuuning. "You look absoulty stuuning babe" I said

"Thanks" She repiled "you look handsome"

"How was your sleep?"


"really nice,in fact i'm still in it" I think that made her blush.

We ate breakfast in silence and then realised it was 11:22am we had 8 miuets to get there "Babe we need to go"

"Okay" and we quickly headed out of the door

Bella's POV

It took us 10 miuets to get to the collage and when we came out it looked like a private school. All the students were wearing blazers and the 6th formers where wearing smart office clothes. Niall opened the door for me and then he started to get attention so we headed into the Main Reception "Errrr Hello we have got an appoitment with a Mrs Johnson-Smith" Niall Asked

"Just headed into the office on the top floor. She knows your coming" and she pointed to a door which lead to a bunch of stairs "Thank you" I Said and then Niall lead the way for me.

i knocked on the door feeling really nervos "come in we heard a voice. Niall then opened the door for me to see a women with Long Blonde Hair and wearing a pair of glasses sitting behind a desk "I presume your the famous Niall Horan and you must Be Isabelle Young"

"Yeah, we're here about applying for Sixth Form"

"Oh Yes,well we dont usally accept students halfway throught the school but looking at your grades we should have no problem"

"Thanks" I repiled "Do you do English Language,Maths,History and Music here"

"I presume you study those for Alevel and yes we do."

"Oh and is it possible I can apply" Niall Interuppted

"Yes sure,I take it you would Like to do Music"

"Yes Please"

We Spent at least half an hour in there filling out forms and going through the school proccuders. It was 12:15 when we came out. "You Start on Monday" I heard Mrs Johnson- Smith call out. We then headed out of the reception into the hallway "I just need to go to the toilet"

"Okay,I'll be out here"

I headed into the toliet only to discover a bunch of 6th formers there who look like plastic. I headed into the toliet only to here them say "Well it isnt Niall Horan new Girl Bella Young" I ignored them and came out of the toilet like nothing had happened only to discover they had a knife in there bag and were taking it out "You leave Niall,Alone ,You hear me." one of the girls said and to be honest she looked the worst of the lot.

"no" I repiled

"What did you say?" She said and spat in my face

"No" i wish i hadnt said it now they came towards me and started to pull my hair and punch and kick me. it really hurted but I couldnt do anything. They kicked me in the stomach and I fell to the ground and then before I left one of them stood on my Ankle so I couldnt Walk and then spat Gum at me and headed out of the toliet

Niall's POV

She had been over 5 minuets and I was getting worried but when about 7 girls came out. that really got me scared. "Oh hey Niall" One of them said to me , I knew they were trying to Flirt with me. I didnt want to reply and I think they took the message and headed out of Hallway. 10 minuets went. I hadnt heard anything from the toliet but then I heard it Screaming coming from the toliet. I went inside I didnt care if I got Caught. And then I saw Bella on the ground brusied injured and nearly unconuious . MY GOD WHAT HAVE THEY DONE!

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