Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


20. Visitors

Nialls POV
I woke up to find Bella still lying there perfectly still. And then my phone started to ring loudly. I saw it was Harry and decided since he would probably flip if I didn't answer it.
"hi I'm just wondering how Bella is"
"she's alright buy she'll be in a cast for 6 weeks and she can't really sit up probably but apart from that she's okay"
"oh okay" he said "do you want me to stay with Bella while you go back and have a shower or something"
"Yeah that would be great thanks"
"Ok and Louis wants to know if he can come"
"Yeah sure" I said "bye" and I but the phone down
"Who was that?" Bella mumbled
"Harry, he's coming over while I go back and get some stuff"
"Oh okay" I knew she was nervous
"He's really nice" i reassured her "oh and he'll be here in half an hour"
"Oh shit" she repiled "would you mind brushing my hair for me"
"Yeah sure" as I graped her bag
"But be careful"
I cafefully brushed her hair and we quickly had some breakfast and then before I knew it the boys were hear carrying a big bunch of flowers, a big teddy and a large card.
"Err hi I'm Harry" Harry said
"And I'm Louis" Louis said"
"And I'm Bella" Bella laughed
They both exchanged kisses and the nurse came in
"Hi in really sorry but it might be a good idea for you guys to go for a minute I need to check Bella's body"
"Oh it's okay,I'm going now anyway" as I made my way to Bella and gave her a short yet passionate kiss "by babe ill see you in a hour , love you!"
I made my way out of the door towards my car.
Bella's POV
"Soooooo how am I looking?"
"We'll your ribs are repairing quiet rapidly so you should be able to sit up unassisted in a couple of days time and your brusing on your stomach has come up and so has your head so I'm just going to apply some cream."
She cafefully applied the cream and then left.
"Errr hi" said to the boys
"Hello" harry said " we brought these for you"
"Awwwww thanks you shouldn't have"
"It's okay, why don't you open the card"
Louis handed me the card to discover that all the boys (apart from Niall) had signed it. It had Danielle Eleanor and Perries signature in it as well.
Tears started to form in my eyes
"This is truly special" I said "no ones ever done that for me"
We talked about random stuff. I told them about my best friend Fran who is a massive fan of them. I also found out that Louis grew up in Doncaster and Harry in Holmes chapel were my auntie used to live.
We talked for about half and hour until Niall came back wearing a new set of clothes and carrying a bag full of stuff such as clothes iPads and a couple of magazines
"Hi guys" Niall said as he sat down
"Have you heard anything Bella?"
"Well my ribs are healing quite fast so in a couple of days I should be able to sit up as my own accord in a couple of days and my foot is still the same"
"Awwwww that's good then"
"So how long until your out?"
" until my ribs are fixed" and at that my pericise moment my mum walked in running along the corridor
"Oh darling are you okay?"
"Yeah only a few broken ribs an broken ankle and brusing around the stomatch"
"Oh okay" she repiled "so how long until you're out"
"About a week hopefully"
"Oh and I all most forgot someone's here for you"
And at the moment Fran walked in and screamed "how are you?" I don't think she realised that one direction were in the same room as her "OMG" she screamed "HARRY LOUIS AND NIALL ARE IN THE SAME ROOM AS ME!!!!!!!!" Then she had realised they were in they were in there.

In the evening
Everyone had finally left and it was just me and Niall left. I enjoyed myself just thinking I had 6 days left.
"What you thinking "Niall asked
"I only have 6 days left in here"
"Oh yeah"
"What were you thinking?"
"Oh just how beautiful you are"
It made me blushed and then he leaned over to kiss me.
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