Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


25. Truth or Dare?

Bella's POV

I sat down on Niall's Lap and they began to spin the bottle and it landed on Me. Great. "Truth or dare ?" Harry asked

"Dare but It cant be anything to do with running" I repiled. They huddled together in a small group for about a minuete until Harry said "Your day is to be Niall for the rest of the game. That means wearing the same clothes Niall would wear,the same smell as Niall and the same sort of Hair as Niall."

"Oh okay" I repiled and I walked away "But im not changing my trousers and no one can come in."

I headed into our room and entenernd Niall's Wardorbe. I found a plain Red polo shirt and put that onI then Found a spare bottle of Niall's Deodrant and put some on. Finally I back comed my hair so it resembled something like Niall but a completly different colour entailly. I then found the red cap he sometimes wore round the Flat and but it on. But then I discovered I could probaly but Niall's Trousers . I took my Demin shorts off and began to put Niall's white Chinos on. I managed to get them both on my feet but when I tried to pull them up I fell and let out an all mighty scream.

Niall's POV

"so the theme for Bella's Party is Music" Liam announced. "Everyone has to bring something musical in. for example a music insturment.  a bag that has a note on it, you get the idea anyway."

"I have told Fran" I said "and she said she would defenatly becoming and she be coming on the train so someone will need to pick her up from the station"

"I will" Harry shouted "Oh and what's taking Bella so long"

"she's a Girl Harry" Danielle said. and at that time I heard a all mightly scream. I ran to the door and knocked. "Bella Can I come in?" no reply I then repeated this and still no reply. I opened the door and found Bella uncounicess on the floor but just waking up.

I lifted her to the bed were she woke up.

Bella's POV

I opened my eyes and once again Found Niall looking at my. "What happend" Niall asked

"Errrm im not sure but I think I fell and banged my head and then fainted" I tried to get up but the pain was unbearble. I think Niall saw I was in pain and graped a pillow of his side and propped my head up. "would you mind getting my pjamers bottoms for me. I dont think I can change top." Niall then graped my Pjamer bottoms and put them on for me "I'm going to bed babe"

"Oh okay, I'll go to bed aswell"

"no you wont" I ordered "go and have some fun"

He didnt refuse and Left the room. I carefully turned my light off and became surronded by a dream.

Niall's POV

"Bella's okay she just got a bit of concussion so she's going to bed"

"oh okay" Harry said "should we fininsh sorting Bella's Party out then"


We finally finshed orgainsing her party at 12:30am. It had been decided the guests,the music the cake and the decorations. I was going to make sure it was perfect for her. Everyone left around 12:45 ish so I headed to bed but first getting a spare pillow from the spare room. I got undresses quietly carefull not to wake Bella. I got under the covers and was surround by a dream....


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