Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


12. Tonight

Niall's POV

I wanted to do it all with her tonight then I realised that through all the ordeal she probaly won't want to. I headed into the spare room and she was unpacking one of the three suitcases whilst listining to the Script "For the first time" "Hi Babe" I said "how are you?"

"Good as I'll ever be" she murmed

"I was thinking about tonight how about me and you go out to dinner at a resturant near here" I asked

"Yeah sure" she repiled in to kiss me. I didnt refuse. We stood there for at least 2 minuets before another song came on. It was "What Makes You Beautiful" Great. But when she turned away to change it I turned to face her and started to sing.I could see tears forming in her eyes and I started to wipe them.

Bella's POV

The Moment was perfect but instead of leaving stairght away he stayed until I had finshed Unpacking. That boy was truly wonderful . We talked and joked about stuff. I learnt that he had two older brothers and his mum and dad were divorced. I also learnt about the boys. Liam Liked Toy Story. Louis Like Carrots and Harry liked Cats. I also learnt that Zayn was going out with Perrie from Little Mix.

But then the doorbell suddenly went so Niall went to go and get it. It was Liam and Zayn. I could hear them talking quite loudly but when Niall called me to go through I suddenly Froze and I dont know why. After all I had meet them before but then I decided to go.

Zayn had his hair done up and wearing a Blue shirt with some chinos and Toms Meanwhile Liam was wearing a white top with some cream trousers and white converses. "Even though you have already meet this is Bella ,My Girlfriend." I blused at this but then Liam and Zayn stood up and Gave me a Kiss on the Cheek.Fran would be so jelous of me.

We talked for what seemend 10 minuets but when The sky started to turn dark I thought I should excuse myself "Errrr im really sorry but I need to get ready."

"Okay Bye" Liam said "It was nice meeting you."

"Yeah me too" Said Zayn

I headed into my room and decided to wear a Knee length Cream Dress with my luckly necklace. I but some make up on but not to much and straighten my hair and sliped on my cream flat shoes and headed out.Niall was sat on the sofa wearing a suit.He looked AMAZING

Nialls POV

She Looked absoulutly stunning.I stood up and we held hands as we headed out of the door.We walked down the street alittle until we reached my favourtie resurant. It was a Italien Resturant as I knew she liked Italien. The waiters sat us down on a table in the corner and asked what we wanted. I a beer meanwhile Bella ordered a Lemonade since she wasnt old enough to drink. When talked and ate our food when it arrived. As soon as I paid the Papparizi had arrived.Great

"Errr I'm really sorry but the Papparizi Have arrived so we might have to make a run for it" I said

"It's Okay Babe"

we then headed out hand in hand into the Night.



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