Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


38. Today's the Day

15th October 2013

Bella's POV

well, todays the day. Day I am no longer Miss Isabelle Elizabeth Young instead I will be Mrs Isabelle Elizabeth Horan. I grap  by phone of the side to see if I have any new message's. 4 I quickly read through them to see that the girls are coming are coming in half an hour to get ready and Then theres one from Niall.

"cant wait to see later, love Niall" My eyes started to well up as I carefully closed my eyes.

I woke up half an hour later to a bangning on my front door. shit. I carefully ran downstarirs and opened the door. "Have you only just woke up?" Eleanor Asked


"well we have 3 hours until it starts so we better begin" and they began to come in. We ran up to my room and they began to perfect me. The stylist came and did my hair so it was all curly at the bottom and then the make up artist came to do my make up. I carefully slipped on my dress before slipping my shoes on. The dress was perfect. It was pure white and it had a long gown and it was sunched up at the top.

The girls left my room to head downstairs when my mum came in "Hi" I said

"you look amazing"


"oh ive got something here for you" and she reached in her bag to reveal a broch  (it is blue and has a nice flowery pattern) to go on the back of my hair

"wow thats really pretty" was all I could say. she then came behind me and clipped it on my hair

"your'e rides here Bella"  Fran shouted up the stairs

My mum left the room and I headed down the stairs. We headed outside to see alot of papprazi outside desparte to try and get a photo of me.  I carefully got inside the carragie with my mum and Fran and then we started to move.


Authors Note:

Thank you so much for 123 likes :) and im really sorry I havent updated in ages. I have a new movella called "when two worlds collide"



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