Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


39. Today's the Day (Niall's POV)

Niall's POV

I woek up and looked at my alarm clock. 7:32am. I had 4 hours until I would be waiting at the alter for Bella. I quickly graped by phone and texted Bella. "can't wait to see you later Love Niall xx" I wanted to jump out of bed and go and marry her now. I jumped out of bed and headed downstairs towards Liam's Kitchen. I quickly graped some ceral out of the cupboard and sat down at the table. about 5 minuets later Liam came in. "Morning" He muttered

"Morning" I repiled with my mouth full of ceral

"are you nervous"

"yeah abit" and I blushed

I quickly finshed my breakfast and I looked at my phone. it was 8:15. shit

I ran up stairs into my room and quickly graped my suit and headed into the shower.

I came backout and it was 9:00 and the boys had started to arrive. Our stylist quickly did my hair for me so it was only blonde at the top and brown at the bottom, the way Bella liked it best. I graped flower and put in my pocket. "so who have we got coming" Harry asked

"You the guys the girls obivoulsly" I joked

"No i'm asking seriously"

"Well, Isabelle Mum, Elizabeth, Dave and Mary, Fran parents and a few other people from her school oh and her cousins from America, her uncle coming from India and her next door neighbour and her kids are coming"

"thats a lot of people" Harry muttered

"yeah but not as much as me!"

"The cars here Niall" Liam shouted up the stairs and I quickly headed out of the house.

At the Church

we got to the church and a few people had already started to come.  I saw am unfamiler Girl with Blonde hair and who looked remotly like Bella "Hi" I said

"Hi,i'm Lucy  and im Bella's Cousin"

"nice to meet you lucy, im Niall, Bella's Fiance"

"oh I know, your plasterd on my room at home in New jersery"

"nice." and she left

a few more people came including her uncle from India,who was rather funny and extrantic "so you must be Niall" her uncle said


"have you got some brains"


"well you need them to keep up with bella" and he headed inside

I headed towards the front of the church as mostly everyone had arrived and then about 5 Minuets everyone stood up as the music started to play. First was Eleanor wearing a tight white long dress, then Danielle followed by Fran and then I saw her. She looked amazing. She was being accompied by her mum and she wore a stunning White Dress that went down to the floor

she took for what seemed forever to come to me and when she finally did I whirsperd "you look amazing" and she looked at the floor and blushed

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