Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


45. Surpise

Bella's POV

It had been two weeks since we had arrived and I can honestly say it was the best two weeks of my life. Niall was the best Husband ever and apprenltly to him I was the best wife ever. I woke up with Niall carrying a tray of tea and coffee. "how was your sleep" I asked

"good thanks,you?"

"Alright,my stomach hurts abut though"

"are you okay? do you want me to get a doctor or something?"

"no, im fine Niall, I'll be better soon enough"

"okay" as he handed me a cup of tea. I carefully sippd my tea and they I felt some pain in my stomach, I was going to be sick. I quickly placed the tea on the side and ran to the bathroom.I knelt down at the toilet and began to throw up. Niall came running in behind me "you're going to the hospital" Niall ordered

"no im not just get my bag off the side it has some paracetmoel in it. He carefully passed me my bag and as I rummanged through I found something unexpected,something that would change my life forever. I dropped my bag on the floor and Niall shot his face towards me "What is the date?" I whirspered

"the 30th I think" i'm late.shit,shit shit shit im pregant "why are you asking?"

"i'm...." I stuttered

"i'm...." Niall stuttered

"Pregant" I repiled the was an awkard silence for about 30 seconds before Niall said something

"are you sure?"

"well,im late for my period and i've never been late since I started and that sickness explains it"


"but I do a test quickly since ive got one." I quickly undid the box and got the test out. I quickly did it and then I had to wait for 10 minuets "so what are we going to do if I am your know,pregant"

"well, we're going to keep the baby and I will still love this little surpise, no matter how annoying it will be for you" He joked

"and then we will have our own little family" I said

"yeah" the 10 miuets seemed to pass quite quickly and then I walked over the were I left the test and Niall followed me and wraped his hand around my waist. There was a little pink tick on the test. I was pregant. "Well,congradulations you're going to be a Dad Niall"

"Yeah,I cant believe it and you're going to be a Mum"

"yeah I know" and I knelled down on the floor facing my stomach and he carefully whrispered "You have a beautiful Mummy awaiting you and 4 idiots and 3 nice aunties"

"what about the daddy"

"oh and A handsome daddy" and then my stomach exploded with butterflys and I healed onto my slightly swallon stomatch.

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