Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


41. Speech

Bella's POV

we headed into the hall as we got surrounded by people saying congradualtions. "congradulations darling" my mum saud tearfully


"so where are you going on your honeymoon then?"

"I don't know,Niall hasnt told me yet"

"okay" and felt my hand tug

"sorry ive got to go now" as I gave my mum a quick hug.

I followed Niall to the table and everyone followed our lead and began to sit down, there was me and Niall in the middle of our table and on my side sat Fran,My Mum, Louis,Eleanor and then Liam and Eleanor, on nialls side there was His mum and dad,greg Harry and Josh

I sat down and Niall followed me. We began to talk and then Harry tapped his Glass "well hi everyone" He said nervously "well I have never done anything like this before, and neither has any of the boys and since they have girlfriends and they didnt want to say what we wrote so here is what they said" and took a deep breath

"well first congradulations the new mr and mrs Horan, we decided that we should write this together as it was only first, the first time we saw Niall face light up like nobody else, well louis did," and everyone laughed "and then Niall asked me what we should do about meeting you again, and then it happened. Anyone could tell that Niall was in love. The way he sang was diffrent aswell as he actually liked something more than food. And then when he came back he was happier than when he got a black card from nandos and from that moment he was never upset,or what we saw of him. And then when he annouced that he was getting married, well he didnt stop talking about it,it was like all he would talk about how much he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Bella, and who can blame him. Once again I ask to rasie your glasses to the Mrs Isabelle Horan and Mr Niall Horan" and everyone appauled and I sat there quietly crying and then Niall stood up

"thanks everyone for possibly the best day of my life,  followed by the moment I was put with the boys and Bella said to marrying me" and everyone awwwed "I can truly say she is the best thing has happened to me and I can't wait too spend  the rest of life with her. I can't imagine when I'm sat there with Bella with a child surrounding us" A tear slipped down from my eye "I love her more than I love the world and A world without her would be a world worth not living. I love you Bella and I will  for every second of forever" and he sat down again."

"That was truly amazing" I whirspered

"Thanks" He repiled "I meant it"

we sat down to eat and I spent most of the time talking to Fran and well everyone

"would the happy couple like to come down to the dancefloor for the first dance" the DJ annouced and Niall led me onto the dancefloor....

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