Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


48. Shower

Bella's POV

"Can I use your shower?" I asked

"Yeah sure and you can borrow a T shirt if you want"

"yeah that would be nice" and I followed him upstairs into his room. It was mostly covered in pictures of drums and him. It also had a mini recording studio with about 2 drumkits inside.He walked into his wardrobe and graped out a T-shirt that read "Class of 2009" on it and on the back it had everyone in my year on it.

"here you are, and the shower is next door" Josh said

"thanks as I went inside"

Niall's POV

I arrived back at Josh's huse about 10 minuets later and rang the bell impaitently. I waited for about 5 seconds and then the door opened to revile Josh "Where is she" I asked

"in the shower, she was quite a mess when she came in"

"Thanks" I ran upstairs towards the shower and knocked on the door "Hi Bella,its me" I said


"can I come in???"

"yeah sure one sec" I waited for what seemed forever and she opened the door, covered with a towl, I walked inside and said on the stool. "so what exactly did she say to you"

"she said that I never spent any time with her and that when the baby was born it was another reason to not too vist me" She whirspered

I opened my arms and fitted inside them and I rested my head over her's "everything is going to be perfect, you me and the baby" I whirspered and then she looked up through the tears stained eyes and whirpered "everthing will be perfect".


Sorry for the rubbish chapter - I will try to update soon but Ive got revison for mocks to do so it wont be that often :)


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