Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


23. Shopping

Bella's POV

They sat on the sofa and began to talk about there new single and tour. Until they can onto the subject of girls."so how many of you are off the market now" the presenter asked
"I am"Louis said
"So am I" Liam said
"And I" zayn joked
"I'm still single" Harry said
"And Niall?" The presenter asked
"Well I've got a girlfriend and her name is Bella and she the most beautiful girl in the world" the audience went awwww and I turned a light shade of red.
They continued talking for another 5 mineuts until the break came on and they had to set up to sing. I had Niall his guitar. "Did you really mean that" I asked
"Yeah otherwise I wouldn't of said it" he joked and kissed me on the lips quickly before going onto stage.
They began to sing what makes you beautiful and then one thing before finishing on I want.
Niall came over quickly and gave me a massive hug making me nearly making me fall over. "Ehrmmm sorry if I'm interrupting something but would you like to go shopping with Danielle she just texted me" Liam asked
"Yeah sure"
"Ok she be here in 5 minuets"
I quickly hopped to get my bag and made my way to the reception to find Danielle there. I have Niall a quick kiss and a Hug and made my way to Dani.
Niall's POV
"I thought we could use this time to sort out Bella's party"
"Yeah sure" I repiled "can we go to yours mine is such a mess"
"Sure" we said goodbye to the boys and made our way out.

Bella's POV

We made our way into the next shop. I was looking though the racks when I saw this really nice silver dress. Danielle said I should try it on so I did.
"That looks really nice on you"
"Thanks" I was going to buy it until I saw the price on it £350 and but it back. Danielle graped it back and muttered "my little treat" befor making her way to the checkout.

Niall's POV
"So we have got all the boys,little mix, Dani an Eleanor as well as a couple of friends from school that Fran is going to invite" Liam said
"Yeah" I repiled "I've got to go now so I call you later to sort out decorations"
"Yeah" and with that I left and made my way to the flat."

Bella's POV
I have had such a good day. For one Niall confessed his love for me and I got a really nice dress and shoes. Danielle dropped me off outside the flats and I made my way upstairs to find Niall crying his eyes out....

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