Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


36. Results

Bella's POV

18th August 2013

The boys were just about to finsh there world tour.Finally. I hadn't seen Niall probaly for for about 3 months but I couldnt wait. This was also the day I got my results and found out if I would be Marrying Niall this year so I could take a gap year or if I would have to stop on another year and not marry Niall.

I parked my car at the school and headed into the main hall were the results were been given out. I walked into the hall and found the colum that said "T-Z" on it. I qued for what seemed hours but it was only for 2 minuets. "Name" the man asked

"Isabella Young"

The man handed me the envelope and I walked away but then I though I better skype Niall at the same time."Hello" Niall said as his face appeared on the screen.

"Hi I've got my results"


"I got" as I opened the envelope

"A for english,A for Maths,B for History and FULL MARKS FOR MUSIC"


"thanks, Hows the tour going?"

"alright, only a couple more days until I see you again"

"okay, can't wait" and then it suddenly hit me. I can marry Niall this year



"I realised we can get married this year"

"Oh My God yes we can" as Niall said jumping up and down

"Yeah,see you later"

"Bye!Love you" Niall said and with that he left

I walked outside and saw Fran "Hi"

"Hi what did you get"

"3 B's and one A, you"

"3 A's and one B"

"wow congradulationas"

"you too!"

"oh and I have something to ask you, Will you be my Maid of Honour"

Niall's POV

We could get married this year. HELL YEAH. I was absoulty hyper. By 2014 we would be married but then I realised something.  Who was going to be my best man?. I didnt want a Big arguement over this and for us to spilt over this. "Hi boys can I ask you something"

"yeah sure" they all said

"will yo be my best men?"

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