Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


51. PUSH!

Bella's POV

They took me into the hospital and wheeled me into a room. Niall healed my hand all the time, refusing to let it go. Soon the nurse came in and took at look at me "well, its looks like you've got a easy and short labour Mrs...." the nurse

"Horan" Niall answered

"so your'e Niall I take it from One Direction, could I get your autograph " I couldn't believe she was asksing him this now, I'm in serious pain

"excuse me but could you help me, im in quite alot of pain" I asked

"oh yes, well breath long and deep breaths, the baby should come in the next hour" and she walked out of the room.

"you're so beautiful and your amazing" Niall said and I just laughed

"what's so funny?" he asked

"well its not really something, you would say to your wife whens she in labour" I joked and then I got another contraction

"yeah but you are"

"thanks, have you phoned your mum, my mum and the boys?"

"ive texted your mum, my mum and the boys said they will come at the end of my concert, which should be anytime soon" and at that moment the boys came running in "VAS HAPPIN?" Zayn shouted

"shhhh, ive got a headache from casually being in Labour" I joked and then another Contraction came and the nurse came in. "so how are you?"

"in pain"

"well, the baby should come in the next 15 minuets, i can just about see its head"

"your'e going to be a dad in 15 minuets Nialler" Harry said

"yeah, I can't believe it"

"actually open your legs again" the nurse said quickly and then she ran out of the room. "I wonder whats that was about" I told Niall and then another doctor came in and took a look. "I'm really sorry but it seems that you're having twins, the nurse who orgainnly did your're scans did them wrong"

"WHAT!" Me and Niall screamed

"right Mrs Horan, it's time to push" and I pushed with all my might. Niall took my hand and I squeezed it. "Push again" the nurse shouted and I did, suddenly I could hear a baby cry. "Congradulations, it a Baby boy" The Nurse said, I was overwhelmed with happiness but then came pain "right push again" the nurse said "AHHHHHHH" I screamed and then I heard the cry of another baby "Congradualtions, it's a Baby Girl" and she wraped her in a towl and handed me both of the babies. I put held both of them as they opened there eyes for the first time, The boy had Sparking Blue eyes like Niall, whilst the Girl had deep brown eyes. Niall took the boy from me and whirspered in my ear "this is our family now, and I love you"



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