Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


27. Presents

2 days Later - 25th September

Bella's POV

Its My Birthday.I'm Finally 18 I can drink legally now and I can do whatever I want to do- well mostly. And then once again Niall wasnt next to me. "Niall????" No one answered. He had left me but then my phone started to ring it said " Niall <3" on it "Happy Birthday Babe" he said

"thanks, where are you?"

"in town,just getting something the boys are with me so make sure you're dressed!"


Whilst I was getting dressed I heard Niall come in, he made a lot of noise "Hi Babe" I shouted

"Hi,Please wait a minuete"

"Okay" I waited for what seemed like forever then Niall came in, just him with his guitar and sang me Happy Birthday. It was truly one speical moment. I headed into the Living Room to find a bunch of presents all in a pile and then the rest of the came out of the bathroom. "Open Mine!" Harry screamed as he gave me his present. I opened it and found a little bracelet with the letter "H" on it. "If you dont know already ready it stands for Harry."

"Thanks" and tears starting forming in my eyes

"Open mine and Danielles Next!" It was Liam. He handed it to me and I opened it. It was A new IPAD! "you can stop using Niall's Now" He joked

"You shouldnt Have"

"Here's mine and Perrie's" Zayn Said , it was quite a big box with a pair of blue high heels in it . "wow" I muttered

"it's just a little something"

"Finally Mine" Louis screamed and he handed me a rather large box. Inside was A nikon Camera, a big professional one.

"wow thanks guys this has already been the best birthday ever and I have only been up for half and hour." they both laughed and then left the Room.

"were did they all go?" I asked Niall

"oh just somewhere"

They came back holding a present each. "these are mine for you" I nearly started to cry and I hadn't even opened them up yet. I opened on of them and it was a guitar. On the back of it was the Intails NH and BY and underneath was the Day we First Kissed. I then opened  another one and it had a big picture of me and him on our first date. Another one was a new iphone and I finally opened another one and it was a heart pendant and it had "your my one and only" on the back of it. "Thanks Babe" It was all I could say and I think he understood that.

The boys left around 12:30pm ish and then I opened the rest of my presents. There was alot of cards and then I found my mum's. It was a little nice necklace and bracelt with a love heart on it. There was a note inside it and it said "Dearest Bella,I have transferred £750 into your accounant, use it wisley. Mum xxx"

I showed it to Niall. "she shouldnt have"

"I know" I once again tears started forming in my eyes.

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