Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


21. Mail

6 days Later

Bella's POV

"Well, you free to go" the doctor said "But be carefull"

I graped my bag as Niall graped my crutches since I still have a broken foot. As we made our way outside there was quite a big group of people outside. Most of them were fans but there was some papparzi. We made our way to the car as quick as I could.

Niall seemed in a unusally happy mood today and I dont know why. He carried me up the stairs as we made our way to the flat. At the front door he let me down and I hopped in on my crutches. There was ALOT of presents and Cards. "WOW" I muttered

"I know" Niall Repiled "Some directioners are amazing"

he sat me down on the car and started to pass the presents to me. Most of them were nice ones saying hope you got well soon, some gave my presents such as bracelets and perfume but then I found a really nice dress from Topshop I wanted ages ago. It was navy short dress that had sparklings down one side. I held it up and then a Message fell out. "hope you would like this since ive know you for over 10 years x" I couldnt work out who it was. Afterall I had known Fran for 7 years and  I wasnt friend for anyone at primary school.

I then got to the end of the pile to a tiny letter that was addressed to me so I opened it not realsing the content

"YOU STAY AWAY FROM HIM BITCH! HE IS MINE!" I nearly started to cry when Niall came in and saw the letter

"shhhh shhhh it's okay,just ignore them"

"Thanks" I got up and went into the bathroom for a quick shower

Niall POV

when she went for a shower I decided to start to tidy the room up,as most of my clothes were on the floor. I spent most of the time tiding until I realised I didnt know when Bella's Birthday was. I quickly ran to the shower door and knocked "errrr Hi Babe" She said

"Hi ,I was just wondering when you're Birthday was?"

"25th September"

"Oh Okay" I walked away not realsing it was 5 days time. SHIT. It was her 18th Birthday aswell,quite a big one and I had to organise her party. I quickly rang up Liam since he was good as organising parties. "Hi Liam"


"I need to ask you a massive favour"

"Yeah sure"

"could you  organise Bella's 18th Party her birthday next week"

"oh okay. I should be able to do something"

"thanks,you're a life saver"

"it's okay bye"

I put the phone down just time as she came out. "I just had a text from Fran and she said she wants me to come to visit at tomorrow and since I cant drive please can you take me"

"Yeah sure"  This was the ideal plan because then Liam could get organisning and I can start a guest List.

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