Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


49. Little Things

4 Months Later

Bella POV

"would you just stop it!" I muttered at my stomach that was now very big, I was 8 and a half months pregant. Fran hadnt spoken to me yet,I've moved on anyway.

"what that Bella?" Louis Asked

"oh nothing the baby's just kicking again"

"oh okay, do you need to sit down or lay down or get Niall?"

"relax Louis im fine, im just going to have a sleep" We were on tour and I stayed with one of the boys all the time otherwise they would get shot. I carefully climbed into the bunk and layed down and looked up at my stomach, I couldnt see my feet now. I found that really annoying but the boys found it hilarous. I heard someone talking on the phone, it was probaly Louis talking to Eleanor or someone and I carefully fell asleep

Louis POV

"oh okay, do you need to sit or lay down or do you want me to get Niall?" I asked Bella

"Relax Louis,Im fine, im just going to have a sleep" as she walked into hers and Niall's room

I was scared about Bella so I rang Niall "Hello?" Niall repiled

"Hi, im just giving you an update"

"sure any changes"

"not really, the babys kicking though so Bella gone to sleep, she looks like she's in pain" and the phone went dead. about 5 minuets later Niall came running into the tour bus "where is she?"

"she in your room"

and Niall ran into there room

Bella's POV

I woke up and there was Niall singing "Little Things"

"all these little things you'll never love yourself half as much as I love you, You'll never Treat yourself Right Darlin', but I dont want you too, If I let you know I'm here,for you maybe your love yourself like I love you"

"wow" I muttered

"how are you heard Niall Junior was Kicking" Niall thinks it is boy

"it might be a she and yes the baby is"

"do you want me to get your anything?"

"can you get me a drink of water" and Niall left and the rest of the boys came in "so hows the Baby?"

"big annoying and kicking" I muttered and they burst out laughing

"its not funny, you try to have a human grow inside of you" and they suddenly quite. "so how many dates have you got left"

"another 6 so we should be finshed by the end of next week and then we are in the studio but since Niall set up a studio at the house we can record there" Liam Replied

"wow, has it really gone that quick"

"yeah I know" and Niall came in with a glass of water and some biscuts. He helped me up and a took a sip of the water. "thats nice" as I began to drink more. I soon finshed the glass and handed it to Niall and I stood up. "you have to go now boys, all of you" the driver annouced. Niall graped my hand and we walked out of the room followed by the rest of the boys


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