Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


18. Lifeless

Niall's POV
I ran outside the toilet and shouted help help and then I graped my phone and rang 999 whilst people wearing surrounding.

5 minuets Later...

She was lying there lifeless just about breathing when they came. They but her in on a stretcher and headed out of the toilet "I'll meet you at the hospital" and then I ran quickly back to the car. As soon as I got in the car I rang liam "hey dude where are you"  he asked
"on the way to the hospital" I repiled "Bella is in cricatal condition
"oh okay how?"
"she got  beat up cause of me"
"oh okay,I'm with danielle now so I'll come quickly" 
"ok thanks,does dani want to come?"
 There was complete silence and then Liam said "yes,I'll be there in 15 "
"ok bye"
It was all my fault she was her . It was my fault that she ways in hospital. I wanted to tell it was ok when it really wasn't because it was all my fault.
And then I turned into hospital car park. I ran into the reception and Went to find a receptionist "hi i'm looking for Bella young" 
"she in room 85 on the first floor" I quickly ran up the stairs, not bothering to get a lift. I then found room 85 and not bothering to knock and I found her glued to a lot of wires and with a her eyes closed looking life less. A nurse walked in "are you Niall Horan" 
"I'm glad to say she will live but she has a broken ankle and 6 broken ribs as well as extensive bruises around the stomach and face"
"oh okay" I repiled "does she need surgery?"
"no but she might need it if she her ribs dont meand probably and she will in for 2 weeks" and then she left.

About 5 minutes later Liam came in with Dani "Oh my GOD" Liam Said and he strode to stand next to me . As I told them the story I saw Bella's toes move...

Bella's POV
The darkness began to fade and I could feel my toes and fingers. I began to move them and then I could hear voices,blurry at the first and then becoming louder like turning volume on a Radio.
I eventually opened my eyes staring at the blue crystal eyes...
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