Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


32. Ireland

Nialls POV
"Are you ready?" I shouted
"Yeah" Bella shouted back. Today was the day I was going back to mullingier with Bella. She came down wearing a pair of jeans and a hoodie and pair of converses.
We carefully loaded the stuff into the back of the car and headed out onto our long car journey o mulliger.
We took it in turns to drive the car and finally made it to Liverpool to get the ferry across Ireland at 3:30pm just in time to get the next ferry across. But it was also a time when most of the fans finshed school.....
They suddenly came towards me and I quickly came back into the car and drove onto the ferry.
Bella woke up a soon as I got onto the ferry and we headed up to the deck."hi you okay?"
"Yeah just abit cold and nervous"
"Don't be" as I took my jacket off and held it round her"
"Thanks" I quickly have her a kiss on the lips and we ran inside.
"This is much warmer" Bella said
"I know" we sat down at the seats as we feel asleep.
I suddenly felt someone waking me up it was Bella.
"Get up sleepy head were in Ireland"
"Oh okay" I grumbled and opened my eyes. We quickly ran back to the car and headed to mulliger.
We have finally arrived. I pulled into my mum'a drive way and then I got out and opened the door for Bella

Bella's POV
We had pulled into Niall's mum driveway of what I could see there was a thatched cottage and it was painted white. Niall came round and opened the door for me. I got out and followed Niall to the front door.
He rang the doorbell and a couple of seconds later the door opened to revilel Niall's mum.
She had the same eye colour and hair colour as Niall but was slightly smaller and she looked more tried. "Hello Niall and you must be Bella"
"Yes that's me Ms Horan"
"Just call me Maura and come in"
I went in and then Niall said "I'll just go and get the luggage." I stepped into the living room to discover lots of pictures of him and his brother Bobby. I have to admit he was quite a good looking baby. He had quite fair air and his blue eyes stood out like headlights.
Niall came in with my luggage "I'll go and put these in my room" Niall shouted up the stairs. I stayed down stairs in the living room downstairs until Niall came back. "I'm a bit tired" I said
"Same" it was quite an awkward silence until Maura came in with a tray full of hot chocolate and biscuits.
We ate them silently and then I yawned
"Right your going to bed" Niall declared
"Na night Maura" as I headed up stairs behind Niall.
As I got to his room I could tell it was his. There was a music stand in the corner and a guitar. There was pictures of him with his mates on the wall.
I quickly put on my pjamers and landed in the land of dreams.
I woke up and Niall was beside my bed
with a ring
in a box
on one knee
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