Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


43. Hotel

Bella's POV

"darling wake up we are nearly there!" Niall whirsperd. I fluttered my eye lids open. I saw Niall look straight into me "how long have I been out"

"most of the journey actually,im not surpised to be honest,with the amount you drank last night" He joked

"thanks,what did you do for most of the journey"

"sorted stuff out for when im gone, for example promo stuff,following people on twitter, skyped all the boys and sorted last minute stuff do with the house out"

"wow thats alot" as the plane went down and my ears started to hurt, I screwed my head up in pain

"are you ok?"

"not really,my ears really hurt, but it will pass"

"come here" and he gave me a hug and put his head on top of mine. "thank you for flight with us today, we hope you have a good holiday" and the annoucer said. Niall got up and got our lugage before lifting me up as we walked off the plane. We didnt follow everyone instead he took me to the side."are you feeling any better?"

"not really" and then he scopped me up bridal style and took me inside were we got our luggae. It took about 5 minuets for the luagge to come through. "there's the last one" as Niall spotted the last of the 5 big suitcases covered in sharpie, reading just Married.

"whoses idea was it to decorate the suitcases?" I asked Niall as he put his sunglasses on and put his hood up

"errrm I think it was Harry but it might of been Louis and you might want to put your hood up and sunglass on,ive heard there is alot of papprizzi outside"

"okay thanks" as he handed me a pair of sunglass

after I was ready we walked out hand in hand to a nearby taxi surrounded with papparzzi "how was the wedding" "what did you wear" were the type of questions we were asked whilst we loaded the suitcases into the taxi.

"so where are you going?" the taxi man asked

"the pardise hotel please" Niall responed

The journey was about 20 minuets long so I looked through the photos of the house, it looked absoultly stunning "here you are" the driver annouced

"thanks,as Niall gave him the money" The hotel looked beautitful, it was surrounded my palm trees and it had a fancy entrance. We unloaded the suitcases and walked through the entrance. I followed Niall to the reception desk "excuse me,I have a room booked for Mr and Mrs Horan?"

"oh yes, I need to sign a few documents and then I will show your room" the women at the desk said. Niall signed a few documents as I looked around the hotel,it was pretty spectaular to be honest."right were going love" Niall said as he graped my hand. I followed him towards a long hall way and they was a lot of rooms each gap getting slighlty bigger between each door as we continued down the hall way, We finally got to our room, it was right on the end of the hallway and when Niall opened the door,I instantly fell in Love...

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