Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


42. Honeymoon

Bella's POV

"time to get up Mrs Horan!" Niall whirspered and I woke up staring into the crystal blue eyes "the girls have your outifit ready and its on the dresser and they have packed your stuff for the plane on the way there"

"okay thanks" I muttered

I got out of bed and looked at my phone. 7:09am. "why do we need to get up so early?"

"cause otherwise we are going to miss our flight!"

"okay" and I started to get dress "are we having breakfast?"

"I've ordered some food to come here at 7:15 but I told the others to be here at 7:30 they can wave us  off"

"okay thanks"

and at that moment to bell went Niall went to answer it. He came back holding a tray of pancakes,toast and a teapot full off tea. I carefully slipped on my dress that was navy and had a love heart on the back over me and headed to see Niall. "Tea?" I shouted

"Yes Please,just checking ive got everything"

"okay" as I placed three sugars into his mug. He came back holding a leather gym bag and shoulder bag for me. I gave him the tea and he began to drink. We sat in silence for about 5 minuets and I quickly looked at my phone. 7:23am. Shit. we had 7 minuets to get ready. I quickly ran to the bathroom and  applied some mascra and foundation. "are you ready" Niall shouted as I slipped on my flats

"yeah" and I ran out of the bathroom into Niall's arms as we headed out of the room.

2 hours Later

"bahrams" I asked as we checked in

"yeah and theres another suprise" Niall repiled, we handed out luggage in and went to sit in the first class lounge

"look at your ipad" Niall Muttered

I quickly unzipped my bag and reached for my ipad. I quickly unlocked it and looked at the pictures. There was about 100 new photos in a album named surpise. I quickly clicked on the first photo. It was a mansion. "wow" I muttered

"yeah,youre new home" Niall replied

"our new home" I corrected him

"yeah, theres about 10 bedrooms,5 bathrooms,2 living room and about 30 acres of land, I thought it would be best incase you want to have kids or when the boys come over"

"yeah,but kids wont be for a while,I need to live while I'm young!"


"FLIGHT 450 TO THE BAHARMS IS NOW BOARDING" the annoucer said. Niall graped my hand as we headed towards the exit. we found out seats quickly and sat down "there's a book in there of the house" Niall muttered and he leaned into to kiss me,I didnt refuse

"thanks" we remained kissing for about 5 minuets until I heard an all mighty scream

"OH MY GOD YOUR NIALL HORAN AND THERE'S BELLA YOUNG!" the girl behind us screamed

"yeah,but its Bella Horan now" Niall said

"cant I have your autographs"

"yeah sure" and she handed me and Nialll her notebook.

The flight steward asked the girl to sit down and I leaned on Niall's shoulder and fell asleep into a peaceful dream... 

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