Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


4. He Was Here , My House

Bella's POV

I Wanted to just go home and relax, I had yet another stressfull day at school. But when I saw the familer Black Range Rover on the Drive I couldn't help but feel slight relief,It was Niall. But when I pulled up and graped my bag from the passagner seat and there he was.

Niall had it Blonde hair scuffted up and his crystal blue eyes gleamed on me. "Errr,Hi" Niall said Nervously

"Errrm Hi"I repiled "Would you like to come in??"

"Yeah sure" He Said "I need to tell you something in Private"

Niall's POV

As we enterend the house and feel I slight bit off relif.She told me to sit in the living room whilst she made some drinks.But when she came she lookd absoulty stunning her hair was tied back and she was carrying a tray of cupcakes and drinks.

"Well" I said when I finshed my drink "For the last week I havent stopped thinking about you, I really really like you Bella and..."

"and...." Bella Questioned

" I was wondering if you would like to spend the afternoon with me to tomorrow" I asked

"Er, Yes" she said quickly "Would you like to pick me up from school,I will get the bus in the morning"

"Yeah,sure" I repiled, I couldnt help put feel a slightly bit of love for her, I was going out with the Girl I loved."

We talked for what seemed ages  and when eventally got the right number but when my phone started ringing it was Liam.

"Where are you Bro?"

"at bella's house, I did tell you?"

"What time are you coming back?"

"Errrrr , I dont know cause im going to dinner with bella tomorrow so Josh has invited me other to stay at his"

"oh ok , bye!"

"sorry about that , it was Liam"

"Its ok" she said "I'm not trying to be Rude,but would you mind leaving,My mums slighty protective and she doesnt like me meeting Boys?"

"No that's Sure" I repiled and then I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek and headed out of the room.

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