Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


35. Have you told her?

Bella'a POV
"Have you told my mum?" I asked
"Errrrrr no"
"I better ring her then"
"Oh okay"
I quickly graped my phone and headed out of the room. I typed in my home number and pressed the green button.
"Errrr hi darling"
"Is there any reason why your calling me?"
"Yeah,I've got some news for you...."
"Which is" she prompted
I took a deep breath and said it "Niall propsed to me"
"And what did you say"
There was a sudden silence and then she said something.
"Oh congratulations"she said
"Thanks, ill send you a picture of the ring by email and ill ring you later"
"Oh okay"
"I've got to go now,BYE!" and I put the phone down."soooo what did she say" Niall asked
"She said she was pleased for us and that she wished I had a good time in Ireland"
"Oh okay I know it's a bit soon but have you thought of a date?"
"No,I think it's a bit soon to get married at 18 maybe when I'm 20 or something"
"Oh okay"
"You know I want to marry you it's just I want to get some qualifications first then we can get married"
I could see he was disapointed of what I had said "I just want to go back to my collage and get my a levels before we can get married,maybe that means this summer"
He face light up like a child on Christmas. "Thank you!" And he came over and gave me a big hug lifting me off the ground. And at that pericise moment Maurie came in "hi guys can you help me un pack the shopping" yeah sure " and I headed outside.
Once we had unloaded the shopping we packed away and then start down a coffee "hi mum we have something to tell you. Niall said
"Yes what is it?"
"I'm happy to say that me and Bella are engaged"
"Oh wow congratulations guys"
"Thanks" I said and I showed her the ring
"It's absolutly beautiful, he certainly knows how to please a girl"
"So are you going to visit bobby soon?"
"Errmm I'm not sure Niall hasn't mentioned it"
"Oh okay"
"I'm just going they something from upstairs" as soon I turned out of the kitchen I headed upstairs

Niall's POV
I headed into the kitchen as saw my mum there "when are you going to see your dad?" My mum asked
"Errrmm I'm not sure I think tomorrow"
"Oh okay"
"I'm going to take her round The town this afternoon"
"Oh okay, take her to the nice coffee shop"
"Yeah I will"
Bella came downstairs still wearing the ring
"Do you want to come into town with me now"
"Yeah site just let me put my shoeson and grap my phone"
She quickly put her shoes on and we headed out of the door hand in hand.
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