Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


28. Getting ready

Nialls POV
I had spent most of the day with her. We spent most of it in the flat,Cuddling and watching movies. But when Danielle and the girls came over to get ready I couldn't help but feel a bit lost.
"I'm going to see the boys"
"Okay I'll see you later babe" she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then I left.

Bella POV
"So what the occasion" I asked
"You'll just have to wait!"
"Oh okay"
They perfected every part of me. Curled my hair and then started to apply my make up. I was nearly done. All I had to do was put on the dress that Danielle got for me. I put it on and the flat shoes that I had got. They came back all dressed and ready. They handed me my crutches with had been painted blue and covered with glitter. "The cars her!" Perrie shouted and I made my way to the car.

Nialls POV
I arrived at the hall to discover it had been transformed. There was a massive banner that read "happy 18th" above it aswell as a stage. Were we will perfoming later. Liam had put the cake in the kitchen were it didn't get ruined. It was truly magical. It was in the shape of a musical note but I was layered. "It's sponge, chocolate and the top is just marzipan so she can keep it"
"Wow" I said "you're the best Liam, your totally doing my wedding when I have one!"
"Thanks dude"
"It's okay, is there you need doing"
"No I think it's okay, do you want to get ready"
"Yeah sure"
We headed of to Liam's house were the rest of the boys were getting ready. I quickly had a shower and got changed in a suit. I then spent about 15 minuets doing my hair before we had to go and welcome the guests.
First to arrive was Fran and a couple of her friends. They were all wearing short dresses and they had there dresses on and make up had arrived. Afterwards it was the band who came. They wore suits who were followed by little mix. Some other people from my family had came such as my brother and my cousin.

It was 7:30pm and all the guests had arrived all we were waiting on was Bella until I had a text "on way"
I quickly went on the stage and told them that they would be 5 minuets until Bella came.
The five minuets took forever to pass until I saw the limo pull in an the girls came out. Bella was the last to get out. Her long brown hair was curled and her make up had been done. She was wearing a navy dress and blue flat shoes. Her crutches were covered in blue.
She came into the hall and I ran and kissed her. All she could say was "wow"
Bella POV
Oh my flipping god . WOW
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