Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


44. Fun

Bella's POV

I walked in and it was like a penthouse,there was a balcony and steps leading down to a beach, double windows that had maginfanct views as well as a full size tv and massive Sofa. The table was quite big and there was a little counter that had coffe and tea bags on it. "wow" I mumered

"I know,its better than I thought it would be" Niall said

"thank you so so so so so much for this,love"

"your welcome, anything for my princesses. I was wondering if you want to take a swim with me?"

"yeah that would be nice, but where are my clothes"

"errm I think they are in one of the suitcases so we will have to open all of them" We carefully wheeled our suitcases through to our bedroom, the bed was massive and I mean Massive. We carefully opened suitcase one to revile aload of shorts and t shirts, that was Nialls. Next it was Mine but it had a load of dresses shoes and acceriuos. We opened the next two in which one of them had my day clothes in an another had Niall's stuff in. We finally opened the last one to revile a bag of swimwear. Niall graped his Trunks and walked into the bathroom, whilst I looked from the contents. OH MY GOD. what have they packed and then I saw a note fall out of one of the skimpest binkis. It read "Bella, I went shopping with Niall and I caught him looking at this (he might want you to wear it) Danielle and Liam"

I held it up to the light and saw it was a one piece set with two straps down the back connecting it. Well you only lived once,so I might aswell wear it. At that moment Niall walked out wearing a air of trunks and nothing else. I walked past him towards the bathroom with a cheeky look on my face.

I carefully slipped the costume on,and I have to admit it was quite relving  but I stop as I walked past the mirror since I probaly wasnt the most confindent person in the world. As I walked to Niall I could see his face light up.

Niall's POV

WOW. she looked amazing. I had to fight to control myself. "so are we going?" Bella asked as she graped the towels and her sunglasses

"Yeah,I think so" as we walked out of the double doors onto the balcony and down the beach. She carefully placed her towel and sunglass onto the sand "do you want to go for a swim"

"yeah sure" as we began to walk down to the sea. We walked together hand in hand into the see. and as soon as it got up to Bella's neck we stopped and I wraped my hands around her waist and she wraped hers around my neck as we leaned in to kiss each other passionatly. She started to play with my hair, twisting it in her fingers, this turned me on completly and I suddenly started to get a boner. I think Bella could feel it against her leg.

"do you need to sort yourself out, or can we have some fun?" she flirted

"we can have some fun" I said as I scooped her up bridal style as we ran to the shore.


Authors Note

Hi guys, Im thinking or doing a sequal but I need a title so any suggesting would be grateful. :) thanks again for reading this and for 144 likes :)

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