Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


26. Food

Bella's POV

I woke up with a massive pain in my head.It couldnt be helped I know since I fell over. I graped my phone and then realised Niall wasnt next to me. "Niall" I shouted and he came in

"wow you were asleep along time"

"what time is it?"



"how's your head"

"it still hurts abit would you mind getting my paracentomel out of my bag"

he quickly left and came back holding a bag full of tablets. He took one out of the packet for me and handed it to me. I took it and automatically felt better. I got out of bed and Niall handed me my crutches. I looked in the mirror. I looked a right old state. My hair was a mess,the mascra was all over my face and so was the lip gloss and I still had Niall polo shirt on.

"You can keep the shirt if you want,it looks nice on you."

"Thanks" I repiled "How could you not laugh at this"

"quite easily"

"could you help me straighten my hair"

"well,ive never done it before"

"cmon its easy"

he graped my straighteners and began to starighten my hair. It took him half and hour and then I took off and reappiled my make up. It was 2;15  before I was completly back to normal,But I was still wearing Niall red shirt and I wore  some leggins to go with it. " I need to go into town to get some food"

"oh okay I'll come with you"

Niall carefully put my tom on and we headed out of the door.

Niall's POV

I took her to Waitrose since it was nice there and it wasnt usally busy. We spent 1 hour in there and then the paparzzi came and started to take pictures of us. I gave her a quick peck on the lips and we continued.

"do you want something to eat?"

"errrm yeah sure" she repiled

we carefully loaded the stuff into the car and headed down the road towards a small coffee shop. The shop again was quite busy. Bella went down to find us a seat and I ordered 2 Mocca's and a cupcake for bella and a piece of Shortbread for me.

we started to talk about random stuff and then the couple behind us started to kiss "should we join them?" I asked jokely

"yeah sure" and she leaned over and began to kiss me.

We got back to the flat it was 5:00pm and I was hungry again so we began to make some cupcakes and then ended up in a food fight and me licking the icing of Bella. And then I remember it was Bella's Birthday in two days and I hadnt got her a Present. SHIT!

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