Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


24. Dinner

Bella POV
I ran over quickly to hear the news on the tv "a possible car bomb has been found on forest street mullinger Ireland"
"Oh my god" I couldn't say anything it was truly tragic. "Have you Heard anything from your mum or dad?"
"I have from dad and he says he's okay and it's not his street anyway,but it is mums and she's not answering her phone"
"oh" and at that moment Nialls phone began to ring
"Oh you had me worried"
"Yeah that's fine"
"Are you sure your okay"
"Bye love you!"
And he put the phone down and a gleeful smile came on his face. "Mums. Okay she just in a bit of shock but they said the bomb just about to be put out oh and wants you to visit sometime"
"What me"
"Yes of course you silly" and he leaned over and kissed me. We continued to watch tv for a bit and Niall was touching my hair a had a good idea "how about we invite the boys and girls over"
"Yeah sure" niall respsoned "that sounds like a good plan"
He got up and changed the channel to finding nemo.
Niall came in about 15 minuets later carrying a glass of water a couple of biscuits and my medication. I took it and then leaned on Niall as we continued watching Finding Nemo.

Niall POV
It was about 5:30 when the film finshed so Bella headed into the kitchen to start cooking. We were having spaghetti cabana. My favourite. She Cooked the chicken and bacon and made the white sauce before getting ready quickly I followed her.
We got changed on the other sides of the room but then I heard some noises "come on!"
"Do you want me to help you babe?"
"Yes please"
I walked over and helped her put her demin shorts on and we again headed into the kitchen. The doorbell went about 2 minuets after we came in an I knew it was the boys.

Bella's POV
Harry came into the kitchen first followed by Louis Eleanor Perrie zayn and Liam and Danielle.
"Ooohhhhhh what are we having" Harry asked
"Spaghetti cabana"
"Wow" and then what makes you beautiful came on the radio oh great. They each started to sing there own little parts it was quite Hilrous and couldn't help but laugh but when Harry's solo came on it was sung my Niall and he came over and sung it to me then he kisse me passionately. We talked for about 5 minuets and then I told everyone to sit down. I told Niall to carry it thorough because I didn't want to risk falling over. But I did have the parasam in my hand.
The dinner seemed to go well they all liked it and nothing was left. I cleared away as the others sat in the living room taking. About half an hour later Niall came in and fetched me and sat me down on his lap to game of truth or dare.
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