Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


46. Check up

2 weeks Later...

"please can you lift up your top Mrs Horan?" The nurse Asked

"yeah sure" as I began to lift my top up with shaking hands. Niall graped my hand as the nurse rubbed some jelly on to by slightly swollen belly that looked like I had put on about 1 stone over my honeymoon. The nurse then put a stick onto my belly and began to search for the baby, It came up on screen about 10 seconds later a white blob on screen appeared. I looked at Niall and he looked amazed as I did, it was the first time we had seen our child on the screen. "well, im pleased to say that everything looks fine. Would you like to know the due date and sex?" The nurse asked

"the due date yes but the sex no thank you, we want it to be a surpise!"

"okay well on the 15th June you baby should arrive, however as I think you know, this date is can change"

"okay thanks" as I rolled my top back down

"oh and be careful, dont do anything stupid such as bungee jumping and it might be an idea for you stay away from all the crowds you seem to get so the baby doesnt get injured"

"I will make sure of it" Niall said and then he helped me up of the bed and we walked out of the hospital hand in hand. we hadn't made a statement that to the public that I was pregant, espically with Niall's child, since we thought that I would probaly be killed by the amount of hate I would recivce from Directioners and the fact that I would proably be known as "the girl who Niall Horan knocked up." so for the last 2 weeks I had being wearing loose fitting tops of hoodies wherever I went in public. I had to admit I didnt really like them that much and my belly was starting to show through them so we would had to tell them soon enough. We told the boys as soon  as we got back, and I have to admit it was one of the hardest things I had ever done


I entered my new home carrying a bag of groccerys I got from the local town to find all the boys inside as well as Eleanor " I'm Home" I shouted as I took my shoes of

"Welcome Home" I heared Harry say and I made my way into the Living room

they were all sat around the fire in the comfy chairs, squished together as they were quite small. Niall automatically stood up and headed over to me "well the reason I called you guys over here was because me and Bella have an annouced" Niall said

"Which is?" Harry promted

"well, me and Bella are expecting our first child together" and He moved his down to my stomach

"wow" I heard Louis muttered and the rest remained silence. It was about 1 minuete before anyone said something

"so what are you going to do about the tour and album" Harry asked

"well, ive called up Dave and he said that Bella can come along on the tour"

"okay and what about when we are recording stuff?" Liam said

"well, I'm not going out of this country without Bella so I think we are going to have to either record all stuff here or going to sweden with us and No I refuse to go to america just for the sake of recording 2 songs or getting A high class singer/songwriter when we can get someone else to do it here or fly them over"

"okay and you should really sit down Bella as your pregent" Liam said as he began to stand up. I sat down and then zayn grabed the beanbag and I put my feet on it..


we finally got out of the hospital and headed towards our car. It was surround by a group of about 30 girls all screaming cause Niall was there. We ran towards the car and Niall quickly Helped me in and then went round the otherside. "we are going to have to tell them soon" I said as Niall started the car


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