Accidental Love

Bella is a normal 16 year old but until she realises Her Uncle is One Direction New manger. Even though she doesn't like one direction can she keep away from them?


19. Awake

Niall's POV

Her chocolatey brown eyes gazed into mine as I leaned over and i kissed her on the cheek.
"I'm so so so so so sorry babe"
"it's okay" she repiled "it wasn't your fault it was mine"
"no it was mine" and at that pericse moment she tried to get up hhgbut screamed in pain

Bella's POV
I tired to get up but then a sudden pain hit me from my stomach. "errr babe I'm afraid that you have a broken leg a number of broken ribs as well as a bruising stomach and head. "
"oh okay" I said nearly crying
And ten suddenly Liam came over as well as unfamiliar girl which I assumed was Danielle
"hi" I said
"hey" Liam said "I'm not sure if you know but this is my girlfriend,  Danielle"
"oh hi"  I repiled "I'm sorry you had to meet me like this"
"awwwww it's okay"  she repiled "I hope we get to know each other"
Suddenly the nurse came in "oh your awake" she said "I assume Niall has told you what you have"
"I'm her to give you your medication and adjust your bed" 
She came around and adjust my chair so I was sitting up
"you have to stay like this for at least two hours"
And then she left.
We talked or what seemed 10 minuets but it was soon 2 hours past and the nurse came in to adjust my bed again
"I think we're going now" Danielle said
"oh okay" I said "thanks or visting and with that they left
"so are you staying with me?"
"yeah why wouldn't I?" Niall Exclamied
"oh just wondering"
Our food arrived at 8pm but Niall went out to get some nandos since he enjoyed the food. Something then hit me. Had Niall told my mum I was in hospital. I quickly graped my phone of the cabinet and scrollced though my contancts until I found my mum. It kept ringing and ringing until she finally answered "hello Bella" 
"hi mum I've got something to tell you.."
"tell me what"
"well I'm kinda in hospital with a broken leg and a couple of ribs and a brusied stomach and head"
"WHAT" she screamed "I'm coming down now"
"I don't think that's a good idea mum since the hospital closes for the night in about 30 minuets"
"oh okay , I'll come down in the morning" she cried
"bye mum,love you" and I ended the call. At tht perisce moment Niall came in carrying a bag full of nandos and we sat down and ate them peacefully.
Around 11pm a different nurse came in and told me I had to get to bed and that Niall should leave but he refused and said he would much rather stay here.
So we bed to bed carefree  holding each others hand.
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