Touch My Heart

This Poem is for the Poetry Competiton.

I'm not too good at Poems, but I think it'll be worth a shot!


2. Then You Were Gone...

Part 2

I feel cold tears prick in my eyes,

I wonder if you ever hear my sweet cries.

We got married 3 years later, we bought a house,

You were finally mine to keep, you were my spouse.

We went out, had fun, and came back late,

All of those times, they felt like our past dates.

But then, something happened, our love did not survive,

You got in a Car Crash, you couldn't live, so you died.

I remember those times, those precious moments we had.

Now I am,and forvever, sad.

I sit here alone, in this, old, empty house,

I live by myself, I have nothing, no spouse.


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