The Beauty Beneath

I hate my mother... don't you?


2. My Child, My Mistake


A vile lump rested heavy against my bladder.

The creature that swam beneath me, devouring my blood, draining my life. If it wasn't for my defiant behaviour, I wouldn't be in this ghastly mess...

I wouldn't be two weeks over-due.

Giving birth... extremley painful, but nothing could exceed the pain that rushed through me when it was born...

I never wanted one in the first place... 

It's pig-like nose stuck out of it's wrinkled features, very briefly I was told it was a female. 

Since then, I've never seen anything as ugly or distorted in my life.

"Beautiful, isn't she?"A background nurse cooed in the creatures direction, a smile creased across her face,it seemed infectious, I winced. My face perked up into a gentle smile, nodding, I grunted in reply. Creeping towards her cot, the nurse softly stroked her face, as if the slightest pressure could shatter her "Beautiful" appearance. 

"Get away from my baby!" I screamed at the woman. Immediately, she leaped back to her original position, realising the control freak standing before her, she hurriedly disappeared from sight. Minutes after the door had creaked to a close, I stole a quick glance at the one-day-old  human. Her skin was plump, almost chubby, but perfectly proportioned on her features. Her vast mop of hair brushed against her flabby cheeks and softly dusted against her forehead. Her radiant blue eyes shone with love while searching through my dull brown eyes for a response. 

Hands shaking, I wondered towards the mirror positioned against the wall, a woman stared back at me, old and tired. Raggedy hair clung to her scalp, wrinkles scarring every inch of skin stretched upon her face... 

"Is that me?" I mumbled, my hands traced slowly over my rough aged skin, my nails pieced deeply through my flesh.

Blood curdling screams echoed throughout the hospital.

I collapsed...

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