Thinking of you

This story is about a 15 year old girl she is very shy and nervous and her mum got a new job so she has to move to america and start her life afresh.
on her journey she will find new friends and the boy of her dreams...


1. why me?

25th of may 


Hi I am starting this diary because my mum said it would be a good idea to get my emotions out, so here I go. I live in London and I have got three cool friends Hanna,Molly and Amber. They are really supportive, they all have dogs, I don't have a dog but I want one. But hopefully on my 15th birthday the 2nd of June I will get a puppy but knowing my family they would be to busy with there jobs and just get me something boring that they got on the way home from work or something like that!!! Why cant I have cool parents. Its not fair.

26th of may


School today we are going on a school trip to the fossil museum I cant wait. We are going to get separated into groups at school.


I have just got back from the school trip.

I was put in Mrs Fraf's group with James, Jared, Amy, Johanna, Paul, David and Molly. Good I had one of my friends in my group. When we went to the museum and we saw loads of black bullet shaped Bellamnites and spiral shaped amomnites (ancient sea creatures). At lunch time we all went and sat in the seating area but then all of a sudden Mrs Fraf said "I feel...I feel sick!" And ran to the toilets. Then it when down hill from there. David, James and Molly started to chat to me and then they told me to come with them to the mammoth exhibition. I don't know what came over me but I said yes-I SAID YES!!! What about Mrs Fraf? So I went with them. They dared me to climb up on the sculpture of the mammoth and I said OK. Why did I say that, stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!!! I climbed up the sculpture and when I got to the fluffy head I tried to stand up but when I did, I hit one of the ropes that was holding the mammoth up and it collapsed. The sound echoed through the whole museum like a giant piano traped inside an elephants stomach. The next thing I heard was Mrs Fraf Flip Flopping over to me and shouting "HAZEL, HAZEL, WHY? WHAT AN EARTH MADE YOU DO THAT?!!!" She pulled me out of the ruins of the mammoth bones and said "WELL, SPEAK UP!!!" I just said back "I...I..WELL..." She just stared at me at that point, looking so pale and  muttered "I am calling your parents." After that my parents picked me up and I ended up in my room writing this down. Why me? 

29th of may


It was someones birthday today at school, her name was Annie. She is 4 days older than me and is planning to go to night club after school!!! She has given me an invitation but I know what my mum and dad would say already "You are to young for this stuff and you have homework anyway." Then straight away they would go back to their computer and do what they do best, work!

 Said on the invite:  

Annie's Birthday Bash!

To    Hazel   

you have been invited to the party of the century

GIRLS: Dress in purple and pink

BOYS: Dress in blue and green

COME AT: 9:00pm and it is on all night!!!




30th of may


Everyone is going the night club except from me!! Even Frank the teachers pet, WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!! But that's not the worst of it I have to give the bottom of my invite back ANNIE, she is the brat of the year. The last time someone stood up against her the poor kid got sent home with a black eye (Annie said that the kid ran into the door. YEAH RIGHT.) The moment I was dreading had arrived. I heard an "OHHH Hazel PLZ SAY YOU TICKED THE  I CAN COME BOX OR YOU WILL GET A HOME MADE FIST PIE!!!" But when I gave her the Reply slip she just said "Oh well what a shame you can't come." I was thinking WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY! But then I remembered her boyfriend just walked into the room. Saved by the boy. 

31st of may


Everyone says that Annies party was amazing (Well they had to say that or they would get sent home with some injury) It was weird because when I was walking home SAM (Annie's Boyfriend) shouted over to me "Hey wait up, were you there at Annie's party yesterday?" I was gobsmacked, the most popular boy in the whole school was talking to me!! TO ME I SAY. He was talking to me, OMG!! When I opened my mouth no words came out!! He said "Errm, hello, you can speak right." I said in return "Y..Ye..Yes yes yes yesedy yes yesssssss".Why was I being such a marshmallow head? He said "Lol Hey you walk the same way as me I will walk you home. Its the only thing I can do to say I...I... ERRM doesn't matter, I will see you around" And he walked off. WHAT one minute he was being chatty and the next he walked away. I don't get boys! 



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