Thinking of you

This story is about a 15 year old girl she is very shy and nervous and her mum got a new job so she has to move to america and start her life afresh.
on her journey she will find new friends and the boy of her dreams...


12. What the hell am I going to do now!?


What the hell was I gonna do!? I couldn't just get back out of the car saying "Sorry Harry I can't chill with the most amazing kisser of all time" SHUT UP STUPID BRAIN!!!!!!! It was only ONE stupid kiss that accidentally happened on stage in front of thousands of people.. nothing more.. nothing less...


He kept on looking at me in his extremely cute way... he asked me "Erm... Hazel? Are you ok?" 


I nodded quickly saying "Yes.. I'm fine..."


He set off saying "well.. I will choose where we are going then..." he turned off past the park, past the shops, past the book shop to a car park that read something like "the green trail walk"... Oh God!!! I have to WALK!!! with.. with HARRY STYLES who thinks I am single... and... and... he likes me... like really like, likes me!!!! Oh Sugar Honey Ice Tea!! In the most politest words I could use!


He opened the door and went round to my side to let me out.. I don't know why he did that! I have hands don't it? But it was nice of him... Jake doesn't do that for me!... OH SHUT UP MEEEEE stop comparing Harry with Jake... 


"Come on then Sugar Plum" he grinned at me as I got out of the car leaving my school bag in the car...


hehe.. He called me Sugar Plum.. that's so cute!


... Jake doesn't call me Sugar Plum!


OH STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP, STOP it!!!!!!! stop thinking about Jake! 

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