Thinking of you

This story is about a 15 year old girl she is very shy and nervous and her mum got a new job so she has to move to america and start her life afresh.
on her journey she will find new friends and the boy of her dreams...


5. The phone call

10th of June


Jake sent me a text at 3:20 in the flipping morning! But what he sent was really cute:

Hi Hazel

Can I see you today

about 4:00pm plz I

need to talk to u

love you xxx


Just come back from seeing Jake at the park. He bought me a Pandora bracelet. OMG!!!! He said "Hi I bought you a late birthday prezzie, because I thought of you when I looked at it because its beautiful and you are beautiful. But you look more beautiful in my eye. And I am sorry for waking you up at 3.20am." I was gobsmacked that he had got me a prezzie for my birthday aw that is so nice of him. I am glad I have got a lovely boyfriend. After that Jake came back to mine and he said "Hey you have got a nice garden" I said "Well I usually lie on the grass like a marshmallow and look at the clouds to see what shapes I can see." Why was I being such a carrot head? So just then Jake began to lie on his back like a cool marshmallow. Why am I saying marshmallow? Oh well were was I? Oh yes, so then he shouted "I can see a deformed seahorse!!!" Then he sat up and shouted at me "Whats that in your hair?" then it whent down hill from there. I herd a BUZZZZ coming from my hair, then I screamed at the top of my voice. He ran over to me and began trying to get the wasp detached from my hair. Then that very second it stung me three times on the head and then flew away. Jake walked me to the kitchen and sat me on the table then got me an ice pack from my freezer and went really close to me and put the ice pack on my head gently. All of a sudden my Dad came bursting in through the doors seeing me and Jake together. That did it for my Dad he began to shout at Jake saying "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE? WITH MY DAUGHTER. YOU....YOU....HOW DARE YOU EVEN TOUCH HER!!!!!!! Well answer my question young man!!!!" Jake looked like he was going to lose it but he didn't. He just said "I am very sorry sir I will be on my way good bye" but my Dad shouted "You aren't going anywhere until you answer my question!!!!" Jake looked so peed off at this point so I butted in "DAD STOP IT NOW!!!!! YOU HAVE REWIND MY LIFE!!! I HATE YOU!!! GOOD JAKE CARES ABOUT ME!!! NOT LIKE YOU!!!! HE BOUGHT ME A PRESENT FOR MY BIRTHDAY. WHAT DID YOU BUY ME? Oh yeah you didn't. DID YOU? YOU ALWAYS have to stick your nose in and for your information HE IS MY BOYFRIEND!" And I ran out of the house crying. I didn't stop running until I got to the park and I climbed up a tree. After a few minutes I saw Jake coming to the entrance of the park he was shouting "Hazel where are you? Are you ok? Please. Where are you?" he found me after a minute or two. He ran to the tree and climbed so fast up he nearly fell out of the tree. He sat next to me and gave me a huge hug. He whispered in my ear while I was still crying "Shhh Its ok. I am here. Shhh Shhh. Its ok." He is so sweet!!! I said to him in between sob's "I......I.....(SOB) sorry.....f...for my Dad. (SOB)...I...I...........never want to see him.......e.........ever.....(SOB)....again!!!" Then he said "Where are you going to sleep? Don't tell me you are going to sleep up here. Give me your phone." So I did. He put my phone on speaker and rung Bella. This is what they said:

"HI HAZEL MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD!!! What goes with black tights? Oh I know my OMG top. Or does that make my boobs look big? Well how did it go with kissy kissy Jake snogy boy? Did he kiss you? Yes or n-"

"Erm..... hello what the hell are you on about!!! And I am not kissy kissy Jake snogy boy!! Who even thaught of that name anyw-" 

"Jake is that you? HOW DARE YOU GO ON HAZELS PHONE!!! Is hazel ok? what have you done? tell me!! TELL ME"

"SHUT UP AND LISTEN!!! Can hazel sleep at yours?"

"Why? What have you done?"

"NOTHING!!! Why are you suspicious? I was close to Hazel while trying to stop the pain on her head"


"NO I DIDN'T HURT HER!!!! Just listen!!! She got stung by a wasp. Where was I? Oh yes......I was close to her and stopping the sting hurting her and hazels Dad came in and shouted at me. And so on"

"And so on!!! You are so detailed!!! YEAH RIGHT"

"So can you? Or cant you?"

"Can you? Or cant you? For what?"

"Can Hazel stay at your's?"

"YES!!! Bye!!!"

And Bella hung up.  

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