Thinking of you

This story is about a 15 year old girl she is very shy and nervous and her mum got a new job so she has to move to america and start her life afresh.
on her journey she will find new friends and the boy of her dreams...


8. The briefcase

16th of June


I had a weird day at school today because when I walked into class everyone went quite and walked away from me. Bella came up to me and said "Everyone thinks we are bullies because of Richard he has been telling everyone that we hit Greg and bully him. And we don't!!!" When Bella told me that Jake came in with Alex. All of the class were whispering and pointing at them, especially Alex because he had a black eye. Jake walked up to me and said "What did we do? everyone is looking at us. And not in a nice way." So I explained to him. At break time I was walking to the toilets when sally penfert said to me "You horrible cow!!! What did Greg ever do to you?" And stomped off. When I got to the toilets holly graw said "Hey Hazel, you should be ashamed of your self, and your boyfriend. For hurting Greg." Why does everyone believe Richard? When I came out of the toilet on the floor next to the drinks dispenser their was an Iphone5!!! I picked it up and when I was walking to lost property I herd a dreaded shout of Richard "Sir Hazel has stolen my phone!!! She snatched it from my bag when I was getting some chips." The next thing I knew I was in the head masters office getting shouted at. Richard must have put his phone down their on purpose so I would get into trouble. I despise Richard soooo much!!!!! Now people think I have tried to steal a phone. What next?

17th of June


After school I went to the ice rink with Bella, Emma and Roes. And guess who we saw their? Richards girlfriend (Amy) and friends. Oh bum!! She skated up to me and said "Hazel did you like the phone trick? I gave him that idea." Roes butted in saying "really. You......using....your .....your...brain!! Yeah right." Amy went on a massive huff then, she pushed Roes down on the ice and kicked her. The people who help around the rink came and split the fight up. Amy said "I wont want to waist a nail on you." Then Roes said "Oh don't try and hide it we have got our self a SULA. A Sweaty Upper Lip Alert!!!" And we skated off. Ha that taught her to mess with Rose!!!  

18th of June


 Jake didn't text me back last night. Should I be worried? I know I will phone Emma. On the phone to Emma:

"Hi Emma is that you?"


"Who is it? Rose is that you?"

"Ok, you busted me its Rose"

"What are you doing on Emma's phone?"

"I am at her house."

"Can you hand her over. NOW!!!"

"Take a chill pill"

Then I herd her mumbling "Emma its Hazel on the phone." Then a stomp, stomp, stomp of Emma coming up the stairs.

"Hi Hazel, whats the matter?"

"Jake hasn't text me back. Should I be worried?"

"Well...........hmmmmm........well......I don't have a clue. Just phone him and say Jake meet me in the park tmoz at 2pm or its over. That's what I would do. I will phone him now."

She hung up when I was just about to say "NO DON'T!!!!" What is she going to say to him? Oh bum!!! 

19th of June


I met Jake at the park today. When I walked up to him with Alice (my dog) he looked so worried. He said "Hi Hazel, why did Emma phone me to ask me to meet you here? She seemed angry." I replied "I am sorry about Emma, I phoned her last night to ask her if I should be worried that you didn't text me back. And she took it as you hated me." Jake said "I am sorry I couldn't text you back I was at Alex's house playing fifa 13, With Alex,Sam, Craig and Lewis." Boys are so weird. Whats the point of playing football games? Football is rubbish!!!! Well the good news is Jake still likes me. We went to our special place and let Alice have a run around. Jake through a stick in the water and Alice jumped in after it and splashed us with pond water. YUCK!!!! But all of a sudden when Alice came back on land she found a sent that she recognized and ran into the trees. We ran after her shouting "come back Alice." Then she stopped and started to dig, until we herd a clang of metal. She dragged out a rusty old briefcase. I gasped in shock. Jake picked up the case and carried it over to the back of the waterfall and we opened it. It opened with a creek. The briefcase was full of money. I got my phone out and said "I am calling 999" But I forgot I was in America so I had to put in 911. On the phone to the police:

"Hello, this is 911 your emergency cervices. If you want the ambulance press 1. If you want the Police press 2. And for the Fire engines press 3." I pressed 2. A person came on saying:

"Hello, how can I help you?"

"Hi my name is hazel, Me and my friend here found a briefcase full of money at sandhill park." 

"Ok, were can we meet you?"

"At 31 amsteet road." This is Jake's house, just to say.

"Ok then we will be there as soon as we can. Thank you for calling 911. We advise you to keep calm and not tell anyone about the money or you may get a person with a gun coming over to your house. But apart from that there is no need to panic. goodbye." Well that makes us feel calm doesn't it!!!! TELLING US THAT WE MIGHT DIE!!!!!

When we got to Jake's house the police woman was already there. She had a notepad and a pen and she asked us loads of questions like 'Were did you find it?' and 'Have you got the briefcase with you?' We gave her the briefcase and she went.

20th of June


When I was eating my breakfast I got a text from Jake that said:

Hi Hazel

Have a look on the

front of the look local.

And read the heading.

Love Jake xx

That was a weird text. so when I got the look local it had on the front of it:


Two 15 year old's find briefcase that solves the Washington bank robbery in 2010!!!

Two 15 year old's have found a briefcase with 10,000 dollars in. There names are Hazel and Jake. There dog found it in sandhill park in the afternoon. That helped solve the washington bank robbery. The main person behind it was someone called Peter walsk. The  kids who found the briefcase will get a $100 gift token each for Republic.


OH MY GOD!!! I helped solve the Washington bank robbery!!! YIPPY!!!   

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