Thinking of you

This story is about a 15 year old girl she is very shy and nervous and her mum got a new job so she has to move to america and start her life afresh.
on her journey she will find new friends and the boy of her dreams...


6. The best present ever!!!

11th of June


I am still at Bella's house, Bella said "before Jake went home he said to me to tell you that he will meet you in the park to tell you something! I think." So I said "Bye" to Bella and gave her a big hug and started to walk to the park.


I have just came back from the park I am at Bella's house. So when I went to the park and Jake was sitting by the river side skimming stones across the river. He saw me and stood up and began to walk up to me. He said "Hi Hazel, you look amazing in that top." Then he took hold of my hand and said "I need to talk in private. It's about yesterday." I whispered in his ear "Yes" then we began to walk. We ended up in a gorgeous place, there was a waterfall and a massive lake. It was our own special place. We went behind the waterfall and he said "I am sorry about yesterday. When are you going to go home?" and then my stupid phone beeped. He said "Who was that?" I quickly said "Oh that. No one." Then he got my phone out of my bag and looked in my inbox and said "You have got 19 missed calls of your Dad and 15 from your Mum. Hey and 3 texts. I will read them out. The first one is from your Dad. Hi Hazel I am sorry come back please I will make it up to you and please tell me where you are. The second one is your Mum. Hi honey please come back your father was being an utter idiot we are worried sick. And your final one is from someone called Hanna. Hi my cool friend how are you? Are you ok? Have you got a cool boyfriend yet? Lolz Love Hanna XXX." OMG Hanna my old friend in London sent me a text. That is so nice of her. And then Jake said "I think today you should go home and see your Mum and Dad." Then he took my hand and said "Well what are we waiting for lets have a swim." So he took his shoes and jumper off. And I took my shoes off. We walked down to a grassy bank and then all of a sudden he pushed me in the water and then he jumped in laughing his head off!!! After he stopped laughing he held both of my hands and kissed me on the lips. It was so nice. He said after "Hazel, I love going out with you." And then kissed me on the forehead then splashed me with the water and we had a water fight. it was very funny!!! But I had just realized I was wearing a wight top!!! OH NO!!! So when we got out of the water he could see my bra so he gave me his jumper and we walked to Bella's house together and when we got to the door I gave him his jumper back and he kissed me on the cheek and said "See you latter Hazel. Bye" and he walked away. I lve him so much!!! 


Bella thinks I should go home so I am on my way home.


When I came home my Mum and Dad gave me a huge hug. But then my Dad said "I still think that boy is a bad influence on you." So I butted in shouting "You dont even know him." And I ran up to my room crying. I phoned Jake:

"Hi Hazel"

"Jake I am upset"

"What's the matter beautiful"

"My Dad"

"It will be ok"

"But you always say that"

"Well stay there tonight and if you still feel the same you can sleep in the living room on the sofa bed at my house" 

"Thanks Jake, your the best boyfriend ever!"

And I hung up.

12th of June


I can hear my Mum and Dad getting up. The next thing I knew my Mum said "Sorry to bother you early in the morning but me and your Father are going to go to the shop." I said in return "Why" but she just went and left me. That was nice. YEAH RIGHT!!!! Well I better go back to sleep. ZzZzZzZz..


I cant believe it my Mum and Dad came back at 8:00am shouting we are coming up. And they came running up and I herd a bark. My mum doesn't bark or my Dad!!! Then they came bursting in shouting "SURPRISE!!!!" And a Puppy jumped on my bed!!!! OMG, I have a puppy, I love my Mum and Dad!!! Then my Mum said "so what are you going to call her?"  And I just said "Well....I....I....think I am going to choose with Jake." She said back "ok then, here is her brush and lead. Why don't you take her for a walk with Jake." Then my Dad stormed out of the room like an elephant. THANKS FOR THE HUG DAD!!! Oh yes you didn't give me one!!! But then my Mum gave me an iPhone4s, not just that but a keep calm and carry on phone cover as well. OMG!!!! So off I went with my collie dog by my side, to Jake's house. I knocked on the door and I herd Jake's Mum's voice shout "Jake see who's at the door.......Jake that mean's now!!!" Then I herd a muffled voice shout "OK MUM. GIVE ME A MINUTE!!!" And he opened the door. He said "Hi Hazel your hair looks nice today.....WOW.....your dog is so cute!!!! Did you get it today? What did you call it?" I said "Can you come with me to our special place" and he replied saying "yes, sure. Let me just get my shoes on." We began to walk to our place when I said for no reason one bit "can we get ice cream?" And he laughed then said "yes why not." So we walked to the ice cream man and he asked for "two ice creams with sprinkles,chocolate sauce and a flake." How did he know I loved sprinkles,chocolate sauce and a flake? So when we got to our special place. We sat on a big rock and had the last of our ice creams then I said "can you help chose a name for my puppy?" and he said "I would love to. what about Fred!!!" and we burst out laughing. After a long time we decided the name of my puppy. So my puppy's name is Alice. We thought Alice was a simple but nice name so yes Alice,Alice,Alice!!! We let Alice run around for a bit after we went to the pet shop and got her a name tag. She ran as fast as the wind. My dog is beautiful!!! Thanks Mum and Dad (mostly Mum!!!).


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