Thinking of you

This story is about a 15 year old girl she is very shy and nervous and her mum got a new job so she has to move to america and start her life afresh.
on her journey she will find new friends and the boy of her dreams...


11. Guess who's in the paper!!!

27th of June


I had an amazing day at school. But the weird thing was all the girls in my form were going up to me saying "OMG, I saw you in the motor point arena with One Direction and did Harry really kiss you?" I felt so embarrassed because I didn't like Harry in a boyfriend way. Just in a friend way! And when he kissed me that day on stage I felt so weak and helpless. But when Jake walked into the classroom I couldn't look into his eyes. He came up to me and asked the dreaded question "Hey' Hazel I have herd Harry Styles kissed you on stage. Was it really you?" I said "Yes it was me but I didn't mean to kiss him." Well what was I supposed to say? He looked to pissed off. He just said "well why didn't you pull away from him?" I didn't know why I didn't pull away? I am so stupid! Who did I like? Jake or Harry? I just uttered out to Jake "I just got caught up in the moment and well........ I didn't mean to I just. Erm..........." And the worst moment in time I heard my phone! I looked down at it. Harry had just text me! It said:

Hi gorgeous, are you doing anything after school?

Because I could pick you up from school and

we could go and grab something to eat and

watch something at the cinema. If you want to. 


I looked up from my phone strait away and Jake asked "who was that?" I didn't answer him. He asked again. I didn't realize but Alex was behind me and he plucked the phone out of my hand and he passed it to Jake. I tried to get it back but it was to late Jake had read it. I felt so ashamed. Bella came into the classroom at that point singing "kiss you" and stopped strait away when she saw Jake looking in awe at my phone then she walked back out of the room. I felt at that point very upset and confused so I snatched my phone off of Jake and ran out of the room holding back tears. I ran straight into the girls toilets and locked the door.  I burst into tears. What was I going to do?

I herd a beep. It was Harry again: 

So, Is it a yes or a no? xx


I held my phone in both hands sitting against the door of the cubicle wiping away my tears. I thought to myself 'what am I going to do?' I decided to not text Harry back. I put my phone back in my pocket and stayed in the cubicle for the first two lessons. But at break time Bella and Scarlet found me and I had to go back to lessons.

At the end of school I decided I wanted to walk by myself. But when I came out of school I herd loads of girls screaming. They were all crowding around a black range rover sport but all of a sudden I saw a green eyed curly haired boy in the car. It was Harry! He wound down his window and shouted "Hey, Hazel over here." All the girls looked over at me and went silent. Walked over to the car and got in. WHY DID I DO THAT? I couldn't stop myself I just had to. It was like Harry was a magnet. He turned around and said "Hi darling. So were do you want to go?"

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