Thinking of you

This story is about a 15 year old girl she is very shy and nervous and her mum got a new job so she has to move to america and start her life afresh.
on her journey she will find new friends and the boy of her dreams...


14. But I need you!


Can't get to sleep.. I still feeling shocking...


I decided to text Harry 20 minutes ago.. This is what it said:

Hi Harry,
I know that you would probably never ever speak to me ever again and you think I am a utter bitch.. But.. I am so sorry about earlier.. I felt terrible.. It was not your fault at all.. I really should have told you I had a boyfriend.. Well.. Not any more.. I have tried to phone Jake and he won't answer his phone and he said it is over between us two.. That's how much of a JURK I have been! I feel terrible.. I am so sorry.. Please forgive me xxx

Still no reply...


Harry text me saying:

I thought I could trust you, and I seriously loved you.. But I don't know how I am ever going to fix my heart back together ever again.

No Kisses! That's how much I have upset him.. Why was I being such an idiot!

I hatted myself so much!

I don't know even how to sum it up any more...


Still can't get to sleep...


I decided to phone Harry..

He didn't pick up..


Tried again.. He picked up..

This was the phone call:

"hello?" I heard a sniffle from the other side of the phone..

"Harry, I am so sorry!" I said to him..

No answer...

"Harry, I messed up ok.. I love you.." I sobbed out to him..

"I love you to" as he said that I heard the pain in his voice...

This made me feel broken.. "Harry, please forgive me"

No answer.. Just a Sniffle

"Jake broke up with me" I uttered..

"so where does that leave us?"

I didn't know.. But fir some reason the words leaked out of my mouth "I love you Harry! I don't feel right without you.."

He cleared his throat and said "me too but.. I trusted you and you broke that trust..."

"I regret that!" I sobbed.. "just please forgive me.. I want you back!"

"I do to but I can never trust you the same ever again! I'm sorry but no.." he sounded heart broken..

"but I need you!" I pleaded..

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