Thinking of you

This story is about a 15 year old girl she is very shy and nervous and her mum got a new job so she has to move to america and start her life afresh.
on her journey she will find new friends and the boy of her dreams...


4. Boys, Boys, Boys.

6th of June


I had a cool day at my new school today, and everyone likes me, well when I say everyone I mean Rose, Emma, Scarlet and Bella etc. Anyway there was this boy and his name is Jake. He is so dreamy, every girl loves him! He showed me around school today, and stupid me I tried to look cool walking down the steps and on the second step and I fell all the way down, the next thing I knew he was carrying me to the medical room! Jake plopped me on the bench then got a heat pack and put it in the microwave, whilst the heat pack was warming he sat next to me and said "You sure fell down those steps with a thud, I think you may have sprained your ankle." At that point he was staring at me and getting closer and closer and when he was just about to kiss me the microwave started to buzz, so he stood up and got the heat pack and put it on my ankle. He is sooooo amazingly cool it puts the Jonas brothers to shame. I waited in the medical room for what seemed like forever but it wasn't it was only about five minutes, and then Jake said "Come on then beautiful lets get to class." He got up and then took my hand and pulled me up and helped me to walk to next lesson, but when I got half way I was in so much pain he had to carry me the other halfway. When we got into the classroom everyone gasped and I herd all the girls whispering and saying stuff about us. Jake put me down and I hobbled over to Bella and Rose, Bella whispered to me "OMG why were you in Jake arms?" I just said "I fell over and he carried me to the medical room and he was going to kiss me but-" She butted in and said"HE WAS GOING TO KISS YOU!!!" And then everyone just looked at me in awe. It was very awkward. I was going to get my dinner in the dinner hall when I herd a "Hazel wait" when I turned around Jake was there. I said "oh hi I was just going to get some food" he interrupted me saying "We can go out of school to eat if your over 14. So do you want to go with me?" I said "well ok yes, I would love to." When we were walking out of the school gates he stopped and held out his hand, I was going to shake it but then he said "Well hold my hand I didn't hold my hand out for you to shake it! Hahaha" then we both started to laugh. When we stopped laughing we held hands and walked to the and chip shop down the road from school . We shared some chips then went to the park and sat on the swings for a wile, Jake said when we were walking back to school that he had a lovely time with me today and he will see me tomorrow.

7th of June


I saw Jake at school today he said "Hi Hazel do you want to go to the cinema on Saturday? You can go with your friends if you want to, I just want to be with you more, you want to go out with me?" OMG he asked me out I am in cloud 9!!! I said in return "Yes I would love to go out with you." And then he kissed me on the cheek and said "well I have got to meet my friends now but I will see you latter."

8th of June


I am going out with Jake!!!!! 

Saturday 9th of June


I went to the cinema today with Bella, Rose, Emma, Alex (Emma's boyfriend) and Dreamy Jake. We all went on the 58 bus and got off at the cinema, but on the bus it was relay weird because Bella and Rose sat together and Emma sat with Alex by purpose so I had to sit with Jake. But it was very sweet that they thought of that though, but I wanted to sit next to my best friend Bella. Oh well, maybe at the cinema I can sit next to Bella. At the cinema we were all getting our tickets when I went to buy my ticket Jake said "one minute Hazel I will pay for yours" then he took hold of my hand and we all walked to the popcorn area. When I was buying popcorn Bella and Rose were making heart shapes with there hands and looking at Jake and I it was very childish!!! Then we all walked in to the right cinema room and sat all together in a line. There were seven seats in a line. This was the order of the seats: Alex, Emma, Bella, Rose, Jake and me. I am sitting next to Jake. When the film went on to half time Emma and Alex said "we will be back in a minute dose anyone need any more popcorn because that's were we are going?" then Bella and said "yes I would love some well Rose and I need to go to the toilet. Don't we Rose?" Rose just said "no I don't" and then Bella looked at her then whispered in her ear. Rose said after the whisper "oh yes we have to go to the toilet. Its not because we want to leave Jake and Hazel to have some alone time." And they all walked away! It was just me and Jake. After a minute Jake put his arm around me and said "So........what do you think's going to happen in the film?" when I was just about to say something, he kissed me on the lips. My first kiss!!!!! But when he kissed me a second time Emma and Alex came back they thought it would be funny to sneak up on us and Emma pored popcorn down my top and Alex pored pop on Jake's shoes. It wasn't funny for Jake and I, but Emma and Alex thought it was soooooo funny they couldn't stop laughing for ten minutes! Bella and Rose came back just when the film began to start the second half. After we watched the film we all came back to Bella's house and had a chocolate bar each. I had a Double Decker, they taste so nice!!! After we finished our chocolate bars Alex went and then Jake said "I have to go as well, see you guys. Oh and Hazel come out side for a minute." so I did. When we got out side he said "Well I enjoyed it today I hope you did. I will phone you tomorrow." Then he kissed me on the cheek and went off down the street. I shouted "Bye Jake. Love you" and I went inside. Bella was waiting for me in the kitchen. As I just got through the door she said "So what happened with you and Mr COOL" I said in the simplest way possible "Well he kissed me on the lips in the cinema also he kissed me on the cheek outside and he said he will phone me tomorrow." She just went "OMG you are a boy magnet!" Then she told Emma and Rose wile jumping up and down on her sofa about "Me and Mr COOL".           

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