Thinking of you

This story is about a 15 year old girl she is very shy and nervous and her mum got a new job so she has to move to america and start her life afresh.
on her journey she will find new friends and the boy of her dreams...


10. Boy band crush!!!

23rd of June


I met Bella today with Emma, Scarlet, Alex, Rose and Jake. It was her birthday. I got her a one direction pencil case because she is obsessed by them. She didn't stop talking about them yesterday. Oh, if you didn't know, one direction is the hottest boy band ever. There is Niall,Louis,Zayn,Liam and Harry. So back to the prezzies. Jake got her some bath bombs and so on. But the best prezzie she got was 4 one direction tickets and BACK STAGE PASSES!!!!!! OMG!!!! She asked Rose, Emma and........and........ME!!!!! YIPPY!!!! ♥NE DIRECTI♥N. We are going on the 25th of June. I can't wait. I am going to see the best boy band ever!!!!! 

24th of June


I couldn't sleep all night I was thinking about tomorrow!!! I CANT WAIT!!!! But I feel a bit sorry for Jake because Jake looked kind of annoyed that we are going to see boy's and well. You get what I mean. Well I will tell you what happens at the one direction concert. on the 26th. Bye...


Me again. I have got to tell you who we all like out of the band Bella likes Harry. Emma likes Zane. Rose likes Niall. And I also like Harry Styles. But I haven't told Bella that I like Harry so I must try and ignore Harry tomorrow because it is Bella's birthday prezzie. I still can't wait though!!!!!! YIPPY!!!!!!

26th of June


I have got allot to tell you about yesterday. There was allot of drama. Well I will start from the beginning, when we were waiting for one direction. I really needed the toilet so I asked the woman who was walking past the room and she said "Oh, well you go down that corridor and go left then right then left again." So I set off. So down the corridor then left then right then what was it? I was lost. I went right again and at the end of the corridor there was a door that said 'Staff only' Oh there might be someone in there. So I walked in the room. There was Harry styles!!!! He came up to me and said:

"Oh, hi. Can I help?"

"Hi, I am lost." 

"Well were are you supposed to be, because I have to meet some people who have backstage passes."

"I was....."

I couldn't say that I needed to go to the toilet. So I said

"I need to go to get a cup of tea. I am parched!"

"Ok I will get you one if you want"

And he walked me to the staff kitchen and got me a cup of tea. He look's so beautiful. When he got me the tea Louis and Niall came in. They looked shocked that Harry was with me and Louis said "Hi Harry, you missed the backstage thing, it was really funny a girl fainted when I walked in the room I think her name was Rose. Also you didn't tell me you had a girlfriend." Harry looked gobsmacked and said "No........she.......she......isn't girlfriend." And Niall started to laugh. Then Niall said "Well you look so close to not be going out. Oh and also Zayn has just be sick. He cant preform tonight. What are we supposed to do we are going on the telly.  I butted in saying "Arn't you supposed to be going on stage now?" They all stood up and said to me "Quick follow me" And they began to run to the dressing room. When we got to the dressing room Harry said "Can you sing?" I said "Yes" Then Harry said "Do you know all of our songs?" I said "yes" again. Then he gave me a checkered top and some shoes and then he said "Put them on, And I will meet you at the stage entrance." What was he thinking? Me singing on stage!!! ME!!! I was just thinking, is this a dream. So I popped my outfit on and saw Harry at the stage entrance. I asked "Why did you ask me to put these on? Please say that you didn't mean I should go up on stage." Then he just smiled a sheepish smile. And then I herd Louis on stage saying "So I am sorry to say this everyone but Zayn has been sick, So he cant preform tonight. So I am trusting Harry on this one. And Harry is bringing a guest on stage. So here is Harry Styles everyone." After Louis said that Harry got hold of my hand and ran on stage. He was saying "HELLO everyone, and we are going to preform to you tonight." You should have herd all the girls, they gasped in shock that Harry was holding my hand!!! My HAND!!!! Sorry Bella. Then Harry whispered in my ear "I forgot to ask, what is your name?" I said "Hazel" He said back "What a lovely name. The first song is Little thing's. Do you know it?" I replied "Yes" Niall said "So the first song is Little things." All the girls in the crowd were screaming 'I love you Niall' and so on. After we sung a few songs we went off stage to change again. Louis came up to me and said "Wow,you can tell Harry likes you." I said in return "But I have a boyfriend" Then Louis said to make it worse "Harry will be heart broken if he knew that." So I  said "What shall I do?" Louis said "Well just pretend you don't have a boyfriend tonight!!! It's not like he will ask you out on stage or something." So when I got my new outfit and came out of the changing rooms, Harry was there. What should I say? He came up to me and said "You have a beautiful voice. And by the way the next song is going to 'be kiss you'. But this time it is just going to be me singing it then I go over to you and pretend to kiss you. Ok." Yes sure it was Harry. So when we went on stage. Harry sung his song. Then was the moment I was dreading and excited for so he sung the last line "and let me kiss you" and he actually kissed me. Jake is going to be so mad. But the foolish thing was I didn't move away!!! Then Harry got the microphone and said down it "Hazel, would you go out with me?" Oh shit!!! Sorry for my french people but it had to be said. What should I say? I looked at Louis for help and then Louis started to sing 'one thing'. Thank god for that. So Harry had to sing. I would love to say yes but I have Jake. I feel SOOO SAD. We all came off stage. Harry said "Well, here's my number. So call me maybe" He sung the last bit it was funny. So I gave him my number and so on so forth. I gave the hole band a group hug and Harry gave me a kiss on the cheek. He is such a sweetheart. I SUNG ON STAGE WITH ONE DIRECTION!!!! I cant wait to tell the girls. When I got changed Harry walked me over to the girls. I whispered in Harry's ear "Can you say happy birthday to Bella please." And he did. Bella nearly fainted. We all got sinned tops as well. So Harry said "Bye Hazel, I had the best concert ever tonight." And huged me then went. Emma came up to me and gave me a massive hug and said "you saved the night super star!!!! And good one with Harry!!!! What do you think Jake would say when he finds out?" I said "He wont find out!!!" And we all skipped out of the concert hall. Rose said whilst skipping "I saw that lip smacker. You boy magnet." And we all laughed. When we were about to get on the bus we herd a 'BEEP BEEP' It was one direction. They all waved at us. And drove off into the distance. I had one of the best days ever yesterday. Well see ya later. I am going to have a quick shower because its school tomorrow. BYE...    

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