Thinking of you

This story is about a 15 year old girl she is very shy and nervous and her mum got a new job so she has to move to america and start her life afresh.
on her journey she will find new friends and the boy of her dreams...


7. Alice ate my homework...

13th of June


Back to school. NOOOOOO!!!! I had to do loads of homework last night. Talking about homework where is my history homework? I did do it last night. Well I better try and find it I will write in my diary after school. 


I did find my homework in the end it was in the dogs bed. Chewed up into little peaces!!! Why me? So I walked to Jake's house to ask if he wants to walk with me. He said "yes" and then we walked to Emma's house to walk with her and the same with Bella,Alex and Roes. So when we got to school a boy in my class called David came up to me and said "do I look hot with my new hair style? Hazel darling." He totally forgot I was going out with Jake and Jake was standing next to him at the time. Jake said to him "Erm hello, David Hazel is my girlfriend. Not yours!!!" And then gave David a playful punch on the shoulder. David went and opened his big mouth again and said "SOZ mr.Grumpy it isn't my fault your girlfriend is so fit!!!"  Then walked away as quick as possible!!!                                           So the dreaded history lesson has arrived, well the good news is I am next to Jake but the bad news is I haven't got my homework. So Mrs. Writingly said when I went past her "Have you got your homework Hazel" I went all shy and said "Well....erm.......Alice eight my homework" Miss shouted at me saying "WHO IS ALICE" And I murmured "She is my dog." And I pulled out my ruined homework. See I was right miss!!!! Mrs Wrightly said "Well....well.....SIT DOWN!!!" I think she doesn't like me. When I sat next to Jake he smiled his dreamy smile and said "What happened to your homework?" When I explained, he held my hand and we began listening to the teacher. She was talking about Henry the 8th. And so on...

14th of June


On the way home from school with Bella,Emma and Alex,Rose,Scarlet and Henry last but not least Jake. When all of a sudden Richard came charging over with his gang and shouted to Henry "HEY HENRY, why don't you introduce me to your loser friends. Or do you want me to give you a can of face punch or a fist sandwich." Alex barged in and shouted "No he doesn't want any of them. BUT YOUR GOING TO GET SOME." Then Richard went up to me and said "Hi there gorgeous your mine." And he took hold of my arm and tried to kiss me. But my amazing boyfriend pushed him off me and punched him in the face!!! But then all of Richards gang started to fight. All the boys were fighting. Oh bum!!!! I am glad we were near school. I had a plan. I shouted to Bella "Run to school, now!!!" And we ran all the way to school. We came bursting in to the head master's room it looked like he was having a meeting with all the teachers we shouted "THERE'S A FIGHT!!!! HELP!!!! THIS WAY!!!!" And all the teachers came to split them up. Mr.Halls got Richard, Mr.Gramp got Jake, and everyone split the fight up. Alex had a bloody lip. And Richard had a black eye. All the boys got marched to the head master's office. When they all got their Mr.spinksly (The head teacher) shouted "WHAT HAPPENED OUT THERE BOYS!!! TELL ME NOW!!!! JAKE YOU START!!!" Jake said "Richard was picking on Henry. Then got hold of my girlfriend Hazel and tried to kiss her then I....well........Punched him because he was..............was being horrible to Henry, and well made Hazel feel very scared." Then Greg one of Richards gang member said "That wasn't what happened. I was walking across the road and Jake here spat coke all over my shoe. Richard came and said what was that for and then Alex punched him." He lied to everyone. OMG. And which story did the head master believe. OH yes Greg's. That so isn't fair!!! We all had to pick up litter around school for two weeks. But that wasn't the worst they had to phone all of our parents, saying my boyfriend spat coke down a boys back even if it wasn't true!!!!! The people these days, if I told the head master I go out with Harry styles from One Direction they would probably believe me!!!!


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