Started With a Big Apple

When Alice first got to New York, the city of dreams her life was hectic. Just as it settles a little she is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only see One Direction live but to meet them with backstage tickets. Would she finally find the love of her life or her life go completly crazy? Or both?.


14. Your What!?

*Alices POV*

After Lou left to go to Simons office or where ever it was he needed to be I had some me time. I hadn't even got a chance to breath for the past few weeks let alone have time just to think about everything just with me, myself and I. I decided to have a chick flick movie marathon with chocolate, ice cream, lollies etc. First on the list: The Vow. I loved it to bits and I definatly had a soft spot for it. Just as I started the movie, I just remembered. I hadn't told anyone in my family that I am actually dating Louis Tomlinson. I still couldn't beleive it myself! How on earth did I ever get so incredibly lucky! I decided I should probably give my mum a call and let her know of the latest happenings.

**AUTHORS NOTE- A=Alice, M=Mum**

"M-Alice darling, how are you?

A- hey mum, I'm pretty amazing! how are you?

M- oh you know same old, same old!

A- thats good, how is everyone at home?

M- Oh everyone is great darling, what have you been up too?

A- oh gosh mum, life has been pretty hectic! I'm absoloutly loving California!

M- I knew you would, I was probably about your age when I went there.

A- Oh cool, never knew you came here!

M- Well you learn something new everyday dont you!

A- certainly do!

M- so hunny, what did you call up for?

A- oh, yeah. well I guess you could say I have some news?

M- News? good or bad?

A- to me, absoloutly, positivly amazing! but I honestly don't know what you will think?

M- Oh ok, well how about you tell me and I will tell you my opinion...

A- Well, I met a boy.

M- Oh did you just...

A- Yeah, you might recongnise him though. He is wonderful!

M- What do you mean recognise? I don't know anyone in america other than your cousins and aunts and uncles?

A- well when I mean recongnise do you faintly recall a name called Louis Tomlinson?

M- Louis Tomlinson? Uhhhmmm, no not that I can remember. WAIT! oh so this boy you met has the same name as that one direction fellow that you are constantly going on about.

A- Well mum, he dosen't have the same name. The boy I met is Louis Tomlinson.


A- Well I somehow ended up backstage with them and Louis and I got chatting and yeah. He and the other boys invited me to California and yeah.

M- Oh god hunny, I thought the entertainment news was just weird that he was seen with a girl called Alice, but it's you!

A- hahah yeah, but mum, there is something else I need to tell you.

M- yes?

A- Mum, Louis is also my boyfriend


A- my boyfriend.

M- Oh hunny, im so happy for you!

A- thanks mum, I better go now. This call is costing me a fourtune!

M- Ok darling, thanks for calling. Love you!

A-Love you too mum!


And with that the call ended. Her voice made me miss her so much! Maybe it was time I went home soon?

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